Blac Chyna Fight Victim Speaks Out: "I Slapped the Sh-t" Out of Her!

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It was SO very on this weekend between Blac Chyna and a woman named Lex.

In case you missed the awesome news, Rob Kardashian's baby mama got into a pretty serious melee on Easter Sunday at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Blac Chyna on a Hike

The reality star and occasional sex tape maven was trying to enjoy a peaceful day at the amusement park with her two kids when a woman dared to touch little Dream and refer to Chyna as a "hood rat."

This is the story Chyna has told to TMZ at least.

The Instagram model says she had no choice but to fight back, especially considering this woman actually touched her baby daughter.

And fight back Chyna most definitely did, as evidenced by the following WILD video:

However, and this is truly shocking, the woman on the receiving end of Chyna's anger tells a different story.

Named Lex (short for Alexis), she tells TMZ that the incident started because she complimented Chyna's nanny on Dream, saying the child was cute.

She then patted Dream's hand

Chyna noticed the hand-patting, according to Lex, and started to curse her out, warning her to stay away.

Lex alleges that a physical altercation only began with Chyna's boyfriend, some Z-Lister rapped named YBN Almighty Jay, actually punched her and her sister numerous times.

She claims she never came to blows with Chyna and that security guards quickly intervened, advising everyone to go on their way without filing a report.

In her retelling to TMZ, Lex is very calm and collected, which is a stark contrast to how she detailed the fracas on Twitter a few hours after it occurred.

"[S]ooo I was having a good little time and I see black chyna's beautiful baby right?" wrote the 18-year old early Monday morning, adding:

"So I'm like awwwww like omg this baby is so cute (not even knowing this was her f—ing baby) so I'm guessing it was the nanny but she rolled the baby towards me right?"

blac victim

We're just gonna sit back and let Lex share the details... because they're pretty amazing coming straight from her social media account:

So a lady comes up to me and she's like 'omg was that you black Chyna was talking about? She said she was goonna whoop yo a—' so now I'm in tears like lmaoooo for what wtf this b— think cause she black chyna she won't get slapped.

So y'all know me ..... I just slap TF when I say THEE DOGGGGGGG S— I slapped the dogggg s— out hg. o when I did her f—ing boyfriend start socking on me and my sister LMAOOOOOO LIKE REALLY SOCKING ON US.

But I mean I had a blast. I just slapped the s— outa black chyna and fought her boyfriend and all her lil friends but this n— was really socking on us he's really a b— period.

Perhaps realizing that this account could make legally liable, Lex has since deleted most of these messages.


But she did address Chyna's fans at one point, as you can see above, seemingly admitting that she DID punch Blac at least once:

"I’m not finna be replying to y’all mad a— fans lmao period idgaf period don’t let nobody walk your f—ing baby to a stranger weirdo !!

"I touched her baby with one finger on her hand idc how nobody feel and like I said I only slapped her because she thought she wanted to fight."

Elsewhere, a short while later, Lex once again had second thoughts.

She struck a very different tone after hearing from those out on the Internet, many of which were saying mean things about her:


As for the Kardashians?

Rob has not yet said anything about this incident, while a source tells People Magazine the family is glad he's no longer engaged to her.

Very, very, very glad.

Their "biggest concern is that Dream is safe," this insider says.

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