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It’s been 18 months since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated, and in that time, the tabloids have connected both parties to just about every unattached celebrity in Hollywood.

The rumors have run the gamut from utterly ridiculous to thoroughly plausible (who didn’t want to believe that Brad was back together with Jennifer Aniston?)

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But the latest report about Brad’s love life appears to be the most legit one yet, if for no other reason than even Angie seems to believe it’s true.

As you may have heard, insiders believe that Brad is dating Neri Oxman, a 42-year-old architect and MIT professor with whom he’s been spending a lot of time in recent months.

Brad and Neri have been hanging out at least since November, when he sat in one of her classes.

Sources say this is the first time that Angie has gotten upset about the latest Brad news, and there are two main reasons for that:

For starters, despite denials from Pitt’s rep, she fully believes that he’s romantically involved with Oxman.

Brad Pitt Neri Oxman

On top of that, Neri is highly intelligent, politically engaged, and socially conscious – and Angie fears she’ll come off looking like a vapid Hollywood type when the two of them are inevitably compared by the media.

“Angelina is steaming with emotions and jealousy,” a source close to the actress tells Hollywood Life.

“She doesn’t like to hear any of the dating rumors about her ex… She can‘t handle it.”

The insider says Angie was surprised to feel the envy welling up inside her when she first laid eyes on Oxman:

“Angie saw pictures of Neri and felt a bit jealous," the tipster claims.

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"It’s Neri‘s incredible intelligence that has thrown Angie off balance. An MIT professor is the last person Angie would have picked for Brad."

The insider adds that “Angie might feel more comfortable if her ex were dating another Hollywood actress.”

But apparently, Jolie is taking comfort in the fact that Neri is simply out of Brad’s league, intellectually-speaking:

“Angelina is in a bit of denial about Brad‘s possible new relationship,” the source claims.

“She knows Neri is not Brad’s type, or at least doesn’t fit into his group of ex’s.”

Oh, Angie. That sounds like a challenge.

And we’re guessing Brad is the type that rarely gets shot down.