The Voice Recap: Three Second Chances, Three Exits

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It was the penultimate night of the Battle Rounds on The Voice, and that meant it was time to whittle down the remaining contestants. 

As has been the case for much of The Voice Season 14, the episode featured the best and worst of the talent. 

Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton on The Voice

There were some steals, some great performances and some that made us wonder why the performer made it through the Blind Auditions. 

Let's break down Night 3 of the Battle Rounds!

Team Blake: Pryor Baird vs. Kaleb Lee -  “Don’t Do Me Like That”

We already knew Pryor was going to win this battle. Pryor has some of the best vocals to grace the stage. There was really no competition here, and it was difficult not to feel bad for Kaleb. 

Kaleb decided to dial the volume all the way up, and it definitely changed his vocals for the worse. 

Winner: Pryor

Steal: Kaleb to Team Kelly

Kelly Clarkson, The Voice Season 14

Team Adam: Mia Boostrom vs. Genesis Diaz - “Because of You”

Who would have thought that Mia would be one of the best performers of the night? Her previous performance was rather mediocre. 

But she brought it in a big way for her battle. Mia won a lot of praise for hitting the lower notes and the higher ones without much of a struggle. 

That's not to say Genesis was bad. It was a great rendition, but Mia had the edge throughout. 

Winner: Mia

Team Kelly: Justin Kilgore vs. Molly Stevens - “Burning House” 

This battle was a polarizing one. On the surface, Justin had the charisma and the stage presence to put him to the front of the pack. 

Unfortunately, his vocals were not up there with Molly's, so we're surprised Molly did not get taken to one of the other teams. 

Winner: Justin

Adam Levine on The Voice Season 14

Team Adam: Drew Cole vs. Miya Bass -  “Knocking’ on Heaven’s Door”

This one was a close race throughout. Both competitors gave it their all, and it truly came down to the wire who would live to sing another day. 

Winner: Drew Cole

Steal: Miya to Team Alicia

Team Blake: Wilkes vs. Jordan Kirkdorffer - “Nobody to Blame”

Chris Stapleton songs are not easy to cover, and Jordan learned that the hard way. He struggled to keep up with Wilkes, and it was glaringly obvious which one of them had the longer shelf life. 

Winner: Wilkes

Alicia Keys on The Voice Season 12

Team Alicia: Britton Buchanan vs. Jaclyn Lovey - “Thinking Out Loud”

Pitting two of the best performers against each other is not a good idea on paper, but it is when a steal is thrown in for good measure. 

Both Britton and Jaclyn showed off their rock-solid vocals, and we are happy both made it through. 

Winner: Britton

Steal: Jaclyn to Team Blake

The Voice continues tonight on NBC!

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