Kenya Moore: Producers Are Hunting for Her RHOA Replacement

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Last year, Kenya Moore made a choice to marry for love and respect her husband's desire to not become a reality star. That decision may cause her to lose her peach.

Kenya's tried hard to make up for it, but it looks like she might be fired and replaced with Kim Zolciak. Ouch.

Now it's really looking like her time as a reality star is over, because producers are apparently on the hunt for fresh talent.

Kenya Moore Selfie

RadarOnline reports that The Real Housewives of Atlanta producers are looking for new Housewives.

Their source dishes on the process:

"They are meeting so many new women and signing them up to film casting reels."

Some shows have potential contestants film their own casting reels, but they clearly want to see how these women perform with Bravo's cameras rolling.

"They want new Housewives in Atlanta and they are already testing a few ladies."

There's no way of knowing if they're filming them with each other, with hired actors, or even with existing cast members.

But we imagine that they'll hold off on introducing them to the main cast until a couple of big decisions are final.

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

By big decisions, we mostly just mean whether or not Kenya is getting the boot.

"They’re going to make the official call about Kenya and the other ladies right after the reunion."

That will be a huge decision, for the show but especially for Kenya.

And also for Kim Zolciak who, as we've mentioned, has merely been a friend of the Housewives on this past season.

"Kim coming on board full time won’t be determined until after the reunion is taped."

And a certain friend of NeNe Leakes' status as a friend of the show may carry on ... but they haven't made that decision.

"And Eva​ Marcille may or may not be brought back yet."

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly for "Bae Day"

If you don't quite remember what landed Kenya Moore in hot water in the first place, wonder no more.

Last year, she had a secret wedding in which she married Marc Daly without the presence of any of Bravo's cameras or producers.

The whole point of being a Real Housewife is that the show follows your life, particularly huge milestones like a wedding.

Unfortunately for Kenya, the man with whom she fell in love isn't just camera-shy -- he believes that The Real Housewives of Atlanta portrays black men in an unfairly negative light.

His refusal to film with her means that Kenya has less screen time.

Producers have reportedly been considering firing her and replacing her with someone who is committed to the role.

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore

Since then, she's tried everything to get back on the good side of producers by showing that she doesn't need her married life to be interesting.

Kenya even went so far as to fake an explosive meltdown while the Housewives were doing charity work.

But it clearly has not been enough.

Kenya couldn't go on the Barcelona trip.

And the footage of her crying while her husband's out of town isn't exactly the sort of Real Housewives content that keeps viewers' eyes glued to their television sets.

Reportedly, this has already cost her $100,000. And she may be booted from the show.

Kenya Moore Chills

Kenya Moore's loss could be Kim Zolciak's gain, as the Don't Be Tardy star and mother-of-six really wants to be a full Housewife again.

Kim has never, ever shied away from the camera, and that goes for her whole family.

But if producers are looking for new applicants, it may be that they'd prefer a fresher face.

Some say that, if Bravo does fire Kenya, they'll be punishing her for falling in love. Others say that they'll be punishing Marc Daly for taking a moral stance against what he believes to be harmful content.

Others, however, say that it's just good business.

They see Kenya Moore's behavior as breach of contract or failure to live up to the role of Housewife.

Maybe it's someone else's turn to receive a peach.

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