Gabe Brown: Alaskan Bush People Star's Mystery Girlfriend Revealed!

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While fans rejoice that Rain Brown seems to have found young love, a good friend of hers has found love ... with Rain's brother, Gabe Brown.

Rain revealed her brother's relationship on Valentine's Day, when she was playing "third wheel."

Now, we know more about this mystery girl.

Gabe Brown, "Romantic" Evening

As we revealed in February, Gabe Brown's mystery girlfriend is Raquell Rose.

Her relationship with Gabe has proven to be controversial with certain Alaskan Bush People fans ... and we'll get into that.

But it was Rain, Gabe's 15-year-old sister and the unofficial social media face of the family who revealed that Gabe and Raquell were in a relationship.

She shared a photo -- while poking fun at herself for being the "third wheel" -- of Gabe and Raquell locking lips on Valentine's Day.

At the time, fans didn't know much more about her than that she existed and was kissing Gabe.

Rain Brown, Gabe Brown, Raquell Rose

In a new post, Rain is clearly feeling a little homesick now that her family is filming Alaskan Bush People ... in Washington.

Ran writes: 

"I was missing many things today but at the top was my home, I found myself being quite tired and melancholy."

Rain has written about hard days before, and revealed her battle with depression to fans.

She reminds herself that she needs to look to the future.

"And the truth is sometimes we forget what we’re fighting for, sometimes we forget that better things really are coming, even tho it might be dark right now doesn’t mean the sun isn’t about to rise."

That's very positive.

"It’s important to find the people and things that bring you happiness and distance yourself from the things that don’t."

Then she credits Raquell for cheering her up.

"But the truth is, we’re all fighting a battle and we will all win. [Black heart emoji] Special thanks to @raquell_rose for always reminding me that brighter days are ahead."

Raquell Rose

Raquell then replied, writing:

"I love you so much! You mean so much to me."

First of all, before anyone gets ahead of themselves, it's normal for friends to love each other -- this is not a romantic declaration.

One, Raquell is dating Gabe.

Two, Raquell is reportedly 21 while Rain is only 15.

Three, Rain has denied gay rumors in the past and we do not need to go making assumptions about her sexuality.

"Better things are coming," Raquell reminds Rain. "And we got to keep strong!"

She then affirms their close bond.

"You’re my best friend forever."

Gabe Brown, Hauling Wood

As we reported, the news that Gabe had a girlfriend got some hateful reactions -- and accusations of cheating from Alaskan Bush People fans.

Why? Because, it seems, a number of them were catfished.

Last year, Rain Brown warned fans and followers of an imposter pretending to be Gabe Brown.

This imposter was apparently seducing fans -- multiple fans.

Unfortunately, despite Rain's warning, some people are apparently unwilling to believe that they've been duped by a stranger, and believe that they were instead romanced and dumped by the real Gabe.

This has in turn damaged Gabe's reputation in the eyes of these followers, who now write comments like:

"I love the show but I look at him different now. I thought, ‘wow finally a good Christian and hardworking guy,’ But no. Sadly, he proved to be a player."

Rain Brown and Gabe Brown

It is, of course, unfair to condemn Gabe for the actions of an alleged catfisher.

And it is wonderful that he's found love.

Some fans have recently viewed his behavior as erratic and even wondered if he's having a mental breakdown, but he's really just a fun guy who might be a little awkward online.

(Also, for fans to accuse him of being a serial seducing casanova and accuse him of having a worrisome meltdown seems a little ... mutually exclusive)

Gabe is reportedly not taking part in his family's filming in Washington, so it's nice to see that he's spending his time with a young woman who is clearly so full of love.

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