Kim Kardashian Has a Question About This Is Us

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Kim Kardashian is in for a world of hurt.

Don't worry, she's perfectly safe and so are her beautiful children, including adorable newborn Chicago West. But fans are warning her anyway.

Because she's about to start watching This Is Us.

Kim Kardashian: A Picture

Kim Kardashian uses social media for many things.

For one thing, it's a huge part of how she built her massive brand. Keeping Up With The Kardashians was just the beginning.

Recently, she's called for gun control in the wake of the horrible Florida school shooting that left 17 dead.

A lot of the time, she uses Twitter for less serious ventures -- like plugging products.

And of course Kim also uses Twitter like regular people do -- to talk to people and to answer questions and to give little updates on her life.

Kim Kardashian in This Outfit

In the wake of her terrible armed robbery in Paris, Kim Kardashian has obviously shared less in terms of her location and schedule.

That's smart -- exposing your day-to-day habits to the world can be risky. That's the sort of thing that gives Kendall Jenner such bad anxiety.

But sharing your TV viewing habits -- as so many of us do -- is considerably less dangerous.

In Kim's case, however, the show that she's watching could be poised to reduce her to her famous, meme-worthy tears many, many times.

Because, as Kim K announced to her followers, she's planning to start watching This Is Us.

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack

Fans who watch This Is Us online were quick to warn Kim that she'll need to break out the tissues.

"Kim it’s sooooo good! Grab some tissues!"

Seriously. The show gets you attached to the characters and then it breaks your heart.

"Yes Kim. I think you’ll really like Randall."

Before you say that this was a racist jab at the perceived Kardashian tendency to date black men, please keep in mind that Randall has a great personality and maybe fans think that Kim would like him for who he is.

"Kim girl it’s life changing."

Some shows really can transform your experience of being a person.

Sterling K. Brown

This Is Us features the talented Sterling K. Brown, the beautiful Kevin Hartley, and the inspirational Chrissy Metz as three siblings making their ways in the world.

The series jumps back and forth between their childhoods, with parents played by Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, and then to their modern day lives.

Though some looked no further than the premise and have cynically dismissed the series as "Sense8 for straight people," the show's appeal cannot be denied.

It wasn't long before This Is Us was renewed for two additional seasons by NBC because the series crushes the ratings. Most new shows are renewed a season at a time -- some only by half-seasons.

Good news for This Is Us Fans, bad news for viewers of The Young And The Restless who recognize Kevin Hartley for the treasure he is, and want him back to continue to portray Adam Newman.

This Is Us is famous for breaking the hearts and bringing on the tears from its audience as they feel for the characters.

Kim Kardashian Goes Pink

There's no telling what Kim will think of Justin Hartley's character, Kevin, referring to the Kardashians as being "like gremlins" when she gets to that scene.

But we can imagine Kim Kardashian's meme-worthy tears when she gets to the show's famous tear-jerker episodes.

Will Kim soon join the This Is Us fans cursing their crockpots?

It will be interesting to follow along with her experience, as Kim's likely to share all of her feelings about the show.

And perhaps a tearful selfie or two?

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