Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Veto? Who Is Going Home?

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It's been a tense few days in the Big Brother house ever since American Pie actress, Shannon Elizabeth was nominated alongside Big Time Rush star James Maslow. 

With the pair growing closer, the target on both of them has ballooned of late, and with Ariadna Gutiérrez in power, they were both sent to the block at the nominations ceremony. 

Shannon Elizabeth On Celebrity Big Brother

Brandi Glanville, Omarosa, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ross Matthews have been gunning to get Shannon out of the house for about a week now, and they got closer to their plan over the last few days. 

Before we got to the Veto competition, Omarosa started chatting with Shannon about where they both went wrong in the game. It resulted in the two ladies making up with each other. 

Omarosa then agreed to try and find a way to save Shannon from eviction. The reason? Omarosa has been vocal that she does not want the men to rule the game, and she fears that is about to happen. 

Omarosa Manigault

Despite Omarosa's pleas, everyone seemed against the idea of saving Shannon from elimination. The common consensus in the house is that Shannon is going to win if she sticks around. 

Ari, James, Shannon, Ross, Omarosa, and Brandi. It was the Black Box competition that found the houseguests performing a solo task inside a dark room. 

James secured the veto win, and it seemed to secure Shannon's fate as the next evicted houseguest. Last night, however, Brandi (of all people!) started to wonder whether it was really worth sending Shannon home. 

James Maslow Poses

This seemed brought on by the way James was parading around the house boasting that he won a competition. James even floated the idea of using the Veto on Shannon if he had the votes to stay in the game. 

Brandi headed to bed, but not before she told Shannon she might have a plan to save her. Yes, we are very shocked to hear this, and so was Ari. Ari tried to shut Brandi down, but if you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will know there is no way to stop Brandi from talking. 

With that, Metta even offered Shannon to work with her if she miraculously stayed in the game. That's huge, but we'll need to tune in on Friday to find out what James does with the Veto. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

There's also the possibility that viewers will be voting instead of the house during Friday's eviction. Julie Chen confirmed on Monday that viewers would be voting on a game-changing twist shortly. 

Shannon is likely a big draw for the show, so we would not put it past the producers to try and keep her in the game. She and Omarosa rising to power would make for a fun second half of the season. 

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