Miley Cyrus SLAMMED for Wanting to Be "White Again"

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Miley Cyrus performed a memorable duet with Elton John at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

The singers took to the stage as a tandem and belted out a rendition of John's beloved ballad, "Tiny Dancer."

Miley Cyrus at the 2018 Grammys

But while many fans took note of the duet for positive reasons, at least one viewer Tweeted that it was just another example of a white artist exploiting African-American culture.

How did journalist Ernest Owens arrived at this conclusion?

Based on a performance between Cyrus and another white singer?

We'll let Owens explain before we attempt to interpret and/or offer our own take on this scandal.

Here is his Tweet:

Oh I forgot Miley Cyrus wants to be white again. No more Mike-Will-Made-It "and them" anymore.

Reminded everyday how interchangeable white artists can exploit the culture and then run back to safe spaces of privilege. #GRAMMYs

owens tweet

It certainly can't be argued that Cyrus has undergone quite the brand makeover these past few years.

It wasn't all that long ago she used a foam finger as a pretend penis and gyrated all over the MTV Video Music Awards alongside Robin Thicke.

Remember this duet in 2013?

Click on the link above. We'll wait a few minutes...

It's a little different than the link below, wouldn't you say?

Back during her release of the album "Bangerz" and her subsequent run of concerts and live shows, Cyrus worked with producer Michael Len Williams II, known professionally as Mike Will Made It.

She wore her hair differently.

She sang songs with different kinds of rhythm and lyrics.

She went out of her way to carve out an image for herself as risque, sexy, far more R&B than pop.

Owens is basically saying here that Miley made herself, for all intents and purposes, black for a short while, just to play around and see how the brand sat with her fans.

Now, however, she's changed course and essentially gone as white as one can go, considering she just sang a duet with Elton John of all people.

Sir Elton is a legend.

But you won't enter any clubs in Atlanta and hear his tunes coming from the loud speakers.

Elton John and Miley Cyrus Picture

Did Cyrus really exploit one culture and then run back to the comfort of her own?

A handful of Twitter users agreed with the point Owens is trying to make here; but others took the side of the following defense, made by an Internet user in response to this critique

“Oh please, leave her alone she just switches genres like all artists do. Don’t bring race into it. There are plenty of black artists that do the same."

It actually is sort of an interesting issue and debate.

But it's not one Cyrus cares about getting into.

Miley Cyrus and Elton

She has not yet written anything back to Owens, instead focusing on the positives when thinking of her duet with John.

“Sir Elton John, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the honor of performing with you tonight at The Grammys!” the 25-year-old wrote on Instagram last night, adding:

"I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent with you over the years & will cherish each second of your kindness."

She then concluded by addressing a shared passion between the artists:

"Let’s kick ass and keep fighting for an end to the AIDS epidemic!

"Everything you do inspires me to keep workin hard and never giving up on all my dreams ! Love you dearly!"

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