Lady Gaga: Happy New Year! Look at My Butt!

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Lady Gaga is poised for a pretty big 2018.

Back in November, we learned that Gaga is engaged to Christian Carino.

Lady Gaga at Coachella in 2017

Shortly thereafter, the singer announced that she'd signed on for a Vegas residency, an arrangement that's already proven wildly lucrative for several members of pop music's royal family, including Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

But do true love and a wildly successful career really bring one happiness?

Perhaps for some, but this is Gaga we're talking about.

She came to slay, and she won't rest until her takeover is complete.

She wants it all:

The wealth, the fame, the adoration ... and, of course, the ass:

Lady Gaga Bikini Tweet

Gaga rang in the new year by tweeting the above photo.

"Happy New Year. To happiness. Health. Love. And to the simplicity of beautiful unforgettable nature, life," she captioned the image.

Yes ... nature.

That caption is the social media equivalent of walking into a room naked save for a pair of heels and asking everyone if they like your new shoes.

Needless to say, the pic was quite popular amongst Gaga's devoted fans, amassing over 4,000 comments in just 24 hours.

The Little Monsters paid tribute to their queen in multiple languages, and while we won't pretend to have understood every comment, we're pretty sure most of them translated to "dat ass."

The Gaga butt has been the stuff of legend for years, but like Halley's Comet, it's a big deal every time it makes an appearance.

And with a wedding on the horizon, this might be our last glimpse of the iconic ass in its unmarried form.

So soak it in, folks.

And any time this year gets you down, simply make like Gaga's fantastic 'donk:

Turn toward the sun; be your best self, and no matter what happens, don't allow yourself to be put to be publicly dissed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

He might have an Oscar now, but that does not give him the final say on all things butt-related.

We're pretty sure Kris Jenner holds that honor.

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