Bethenny Frankel Comforts Jill Zarin After Bobby Zarin's Death

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Earlier this month, Jill Zarin lost her husband to cancer after he had struggled with his health for nearly a decade.

After Bobby Zarin had seemed so much better in 2017, this loss is hitting her hard. Of course it is.

Bethenny Frankel, who only recently mended fences with Jill, is stepping up and supporting her friend as she grapples with this terrible loss.

Bobby Zarin

It was just last year that Jill Zarin returned to The Real Housewives of New York City, with husband Bobby Zarin along for the ride.

RHONY has been around for a decade, so naturally it's had its ups and downs. Back in season three, Bethenny and Jill had a falling out.

Now, they've mended fences.

Though Jill Zarin and Bethanny having made up was great, it was Bobby Zarin's health that really seemed to warrant celebration recently. 

Jill Zarin, Husband

Bobby Zarin was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009, and responded by having it removed.

In 2013, the cancer had spread to his lungs. In 2016, he had a brain tumor that required Gamma Knife treatment.

But last year, it seemed that Bobby Zarin had recovered to the point where it was hailed as a miracle.

Then, earlier this month, he tragically passed away.

Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel, Throwback

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that Bethenny is going out of her way to provide comfort to her once-again friend, Jill Zarin, during her time of grief and loss.

"Bethenny has gone above and beyond in private to be there for Jill since Bobby passed."

Bethenny has also posted in public, but it makes sense that she wouldn't use social media to harp on everything that she's doing for her greving friend.

And the source gets specific about the steps that Bethenny is taking.

"She visits her at her apartment, calls her daily, and sends her food."

That is so heartwarming.

Jill Zarin Made a Bethenny Frankel Collage

This is a collage that Jill Zarin put together of photographs of Bethenny with her various family members.

It's good to keep busy when you're grieving, but it's clear that she has a lot of appreciation for what Bethenny's been doing for her.

ET's source goes on about how they made nice:

"Jill has wanted to put this in the past for a while and after so many years of not talking."

Of course.

"It’s sad that a death had to bring them together again, but if there’s anything positive from this, it was that they were able make up."

it's so good to look at the positives. The two had set aside their differences last year, but based on reports, they seem closer even just in the past few weeks.

"Jill apologized for her role in it and Bethenny forgave Jill."

Bethenny Frankel in a White Coat

If you've never lost an immediate family member, you may not be familiar with the tradition of bringing food to loved ones.

Some families are so inundated with food that they literally cannot eat it all. But that's better than trying to worry about food plans or, worse, going out to eat when you're juggling self-care and a lot of planning.

(There's more to planning a funeral than picking out a casket, and there's more to dealing with the death of a loved one than the funeral. Sad movies seldom delve into the grim logistics that follow a sudden death)

Bethenny is doing good things for her grieving friend. That's no surprise, but it's still heartwarming.

Our hearts go out to Jill Zarin as she processes this sorrow.

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