The Bachelor Women: Shady Pasts... Revealed!

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With Arie Luyendyk Jr. set to embark on his totally unscripted and natural adventure as The Bachelor next week, we'd like to issue the following warning to the star:


Be very, very careful.

Arie as The Bachelor

The good folks at Radar Online have been doing some digging and what they've unearthed sheds some troubling light on three of Arie's suitors.

(Might two of them be the two with whom he allegedly falls in love?!? It's too early to say for certain.)

This is what we've learned about a pair of the women you'll meet when The Bachelor returns on January 1 at 8/7c.

Krystal Nelson (who goes by the last name Pallesen in court documents) earned a citation for illegal alcohol consumption when she was caught with an open Coors Light can on June 9, 2006.

She was ordered at the time to pay a fine and attend eight hours of an alcohol education class.

Is open container a big deal? God, of course not.

However, Krystal did the same thing on February 8, 2008!

She was busted again, at the age of 20, for underage consumption and was sentenced to a year of probation. Moreover, her license was revoked for 90 days.

This is a photo of her:

The Bachelor: Krystal

Then there's Rebecca Kufrin.

She received her own summons for underage consumption on January 17, 2009, pleading guilty to the misdemeanor and paying $431 in fines.

This is a photo of her:

The Bachelor: Rebecca

Now we can move on to Ashley Luebke.

In a lawsuit Radar obtained from Circuit Court of Palm Beach County, she was sued for injuring a man in a car crash on November 9, 2010.

Reads the legal document: "Ashley Luebke negligently and carelessly [operated] and [maintained] her motor vehicle so as to cause it to collide with a motor vehicle owned and operated" by the Plaintiff.

The lawsuit requested Ashley to pay $40,000.

The case was dismissed after a settlement was reached.

This is a photo of her.

The Bachelor: Ashley

The thing is, Arie himself was arrested for driving with a suspended license in 2008.

So he isn't exactly Mr. Innocent himself.

Arie has even been accused of cheating on former The Bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson after she split from Ben Flajnik.

What will become of him and his women on the season ahead?

You can visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to find out.

You can also scroll through the photos below to get to know Arie's women in general.

One of them will become his wife...or at least his temporary fiancee. Who will it be?!?

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