Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: In Couples Therapy... But Why?!?

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ought to be applauded for seeking professional help.

The stars have been riding a roller coaster of love for half a decade now and it's admirable that they realize this latest reconciliation must be taken seriously.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in 2011

There's no messing around anymore!

They are no longer kids! It's now or never!

That said, however, fans may be a bit taken aback over the reason why Justin and Selena are, according to TMZ sources, in couples therapy.

It's all due to... Hailey Baldwin?!?

Sources close to Hillsong Church tell the aforementioned celebrity gossip site that Bieber has been trying to make amends across the board.

The singer has acted like a pretty huge douchebag for years now, after all.

In doing so, through, Bieber reportedly reached out to Baldwin in order to apologize for their breakup, which followed a pretty brief fling... and this didn't sit too well with Gomez.

It led to a huge fight.

To Justin and Selena's credit, at least, they didn't just throw in the romantic towel in response to this blowout.

They decided to try Christian couples therapy, which likely explains why Bieber has been sharing so many profound messages on his Instagram account of late.

To wit:

biebs sign

It certainly appears as if Bieber and Gomez are in this relationship for the long run, much to the dismay of the latter's mother.

As previously reported, Mandy Teefey actually suffered some kind of breakdown last week upon discussing her daughter's future with Bieber.

For understandable reasons, most people close to Selena aren't very big fans of Bieber, not after all he has put their loved one through.

But Selena's mom has supposedly given her child room to decide for herself how things will play out with Bieber.

Not that this means the two have made up entirely.

Selena Gomez on the Instagram

In fact, Selena and her mom no longer follow each other on Instagram.

According to a new Star Magazine report, the mother/daughter relationship may not improve any time soon, either.

Not if things continue along this path between Justin and Selena.

"Justin has taken Selena for granted once before; that won’t happen again,” an insider tells the tabloid adding:

“Justin knows he has to prove himself... life is short and Justin knows that things could change for the worse at any moment."

Indeed, it had previously been reported that Bieber was inspired to start doing Selena again after she received a kidney transplant and he realized he might lose her forever.

Justin Bieber is Lost in Thought

Star even writes that Bieber would propose right at this very minute if he thought Selena would say yes.

First, though, there are plenty of hoops the singer has to jump through.

It may take a long time for Gomez to fully trust Justin again, but she's clearly headed in that direction.

Does this mean a ring may be placed on her finger by this time next year?!?

You never know, readers. You just never know.

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