Ami Brown Cancer Update: Is She Too Sick to Film?

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Following Discovery's Alaskan Bush People Christmas special, fans and viewers couldn't help but wonder how Ami Brown's cancer battle is going.

And whether that special might be the last time that they see the Brown family matriarch on their televisions.

Let's look at what we know.

Ami is in Bed

Ami Brown has been battling lung cancer.

She finished her second round of chemo before Thanksgiving and the family sounded optimistic during the Christmas special (which was also filmed before Thanksgiving).

Positivity is great, but Ami Brown was not miraculously cured of cancer. Even though we all wish that she had been.

Instead, comments that she was no longer "sick" were references to the fact that she was over her chemo treatments.

Chemo, of course, can horribly ravage the body -- the idea being that it also horribly ravages the cancer and that the cancer, not being a whole person, will die but the body itself will tough it out.

Ami Brown is still fighting her cancer, of course, but she needs to take rests to recover between rounds of chemo.

And, of course, she reportedly suffered a setback.

Ami Brown in Alaska

As we mentioned, the non-fan page Alaskan Bush People Exposed shared the context of the Christmas special.

"Last night's show was filmed before Thanksgiving and Ami was doing fairly well after finishing chemo."

They also shared an unhappy update.

"Shortly after Thanksgiving she suffered a brief setback and was very ill."

But there's good news.

"She is doing better now and back on the mend. They are still in Los Angeles, and she is recuperating."

And they offer a dose of reality for those who need it.

"There has been no miracle cure and unfortunately this will be a long battle for her. She has lost a lot of her hair, wears a hat most of the time and very frail."

Even as a non-fan site, they're trying to remain optimistic.

"Hopefully, after the holidays she will get strong enough to start filming the upcoming season."

Ami Brown, Sad

RadarOnline reports that Ami Brown will be heavily featured in the eighth season of Alaskan Bush People.

While those are, again, rumors, that's welcome news.

Especially after so many of the show's fans had feared that the family would film season 8 without Ami Brown.

Interestingly, there are conflicting reports about how much of this season of Alaskan Bush People has actually been filmed, with some suggesting that they've pretty much wrapped.

Considering how little time Ami Brown has spent in Colorado -- where the family's new homestead is -- we have to figure that either they have more filming to do, or she won't appear in this season that much.

Rain Brown, Ami Brown, Billy Brown at Christmas 2017

No one knows what Ami Brown's future will bring.

In a heartbreaking confession, (now) 15-year-old Rain Brown admitted that she doesn't know if her mother will make it.

"My mom and I spent all morning making our favorite peach tea and our own mix of essential oils together (frankincense, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit, and spearmint) with coconut oil as a carrier and a touch of shimmer."

This was during Ami's second chemotherapy treatment.

"She is now going through her second round of chemo, sadly I can’t say how she is doing just yet, but we are all hopeful and faithfu."

As the Brown family's de facto spokesperson in recent months (because of her social media presence), Rain is more aware than anyone of all of the support, prayers, and well wishes that Ami and the Browns have received.

"Thank you all so much for your support and love in this harsh time."

Amy Brown

Ami Brown is battling lung cancer. It wasn't caught in early screening. She and her husband have been known as serious smokers.

(Billy Brown's been slammed by fans for not giving up smoking despite his wife's cancer)

So, though Ami's been getting first-rate health care and a filming schedule that revolves around her health and ability to film, prospects have looked grim from very early on.

That doesn't mean that there's no reason to hope for her to make a recovery, however.

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