The Voice Recap: Who Made the Top 12?!

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The Voice is changing things up in its 13th season. Previous seasons have found the Top 24 whittled down to 12 in a series of live shows. 

This season, however, the power comes from the judges as they decided which of their six acts will make the three they will be advancing to the live shows. 

Red Marlow on The Voice

On Monday night's two-hour spectacular, it was all about Team Jennifer and Team Blake. Let's break down the performances and the results. 

Team Jennifer

Davon Fleming, “I Am Changing”

Davon has already proven that he has one of the best voices in the competition, but his opening for this energetic number was rather subdued. It was almost like it was going to be a disaster. 

But, it evolved along the way and became one of his best performances to date. We don't know whether it was intentional. If it was, it was well played, and this man deserves to be on those live shows. 

Hannah Mrozak - “Learn to Let Go” 

This performance was a real surprise. Hannah has been hit or miss throughout the process, but it seemed like she got a handle on it during the rehearsals. 

Unfortunately, the performance for the judges cratered, and she sounded like she wanted to be anywhere other than on the stage to impress her coaches. It was tedious and awkward. 

Natalie Stovall on The Voice

Lucas Holliday - "The Beautiful Ones

Lucas had a lot riding on this performance. He was already circling the drain, and Jeniffer had the potential to give him a song that would connect with his voice. 

Like Hannah, Lucas struggled to achieve the higher notes, and that will likely give him an early exit out of the competition. 

Shi’Ann Jones - “Tattooed Heart”

Shi'Ann performed her routine in winning fashion. Seriously, this kid is up there as one of the fiercest and exciting competitors in the history of the series. 

There was a part she struggled with, but she managed to pull it all back together before it was too late. 

Chris Weaver - “California Soul”

Jennifer said that this song should get Chris another round of applause from the panel. Did she set him up for disaster? His rendition was middling, at best. His vocals did not fit with the song. 

He tried to emulate the artist, and that's why he struggled. There was nothing fresh or exciting about it, and that's something that's needed. 

Keisha Renee on The Voice

Noah Mac - “In the Air Tonight”

Noah went with an old Phil Collins number, and it was a surprisingly robust performance. He has the charisma and the charm to get far, and his vocals will continue to help. 

Team Blake

Red Marlow - "Chiseled in Stone" 

Red went with a song that he went really well with his voice. He successfully managed to keep the pitch and intonation in check and proved to everyone watching that he was one of the ones to watch in the competition. 

Chloe Kohanski - “Time After Time”

There was something about this performance that fell flat on so many levels. Like, there was nothing that made me want to even imagine her in the Top 12. Some people act as though they want it and then there's Chloe. 

Jennifer Hudson on The Voice Season 13

Natalie Stovall - “Callin’ Baton Rouge”

Natalie had a second chance, and it was her time to prove Blake made the right move. She did prove it with a performance that was fine-tuned and a cut above her other ones. Seriously, this girl needs a record deal. 

Esera Tuaolo - “How Do I Live?”

At this stage of the game, you expect the performers to give their all. If this was his all, then we don't even know what the coaches saw in him in the first place. 

This seemed like a karaoke number. Nothing more. 

Mitchell Lee - “Heaven” 

Mitchell had a great song to work with, and while it would seem that he would be able to hone his skills and make it his own, he did not. This was his time to shine, and it fell flat. 

The Voice Season 13 Coaches

Keisha Renee - “Love Can Build a Bridge”

Keisha has been the Queen of the high notes since she first appeared on the show, and boy, did she have some high notes left to give. Her performance was electrifying and proved that she was in the right place. 

When it came to saying goodbye to some people, Jennifer decided it was right to keep Davon Fleming, Noah Mac, and Sh'Ann Jones. That meant that Hannah, Lucas, and Chris were let go. 

Meanwhile, Blake kept Keisha, Red, and Chloe. Natalie, Esera, and Mitchell were let go. 

What did you think of all the twists and turns?

Did the right people leave?

Sound off below. 

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