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The Voice continues to change things up for Season 13. 

Night two of the Playoffs continued the trend from Monday’s episode, and we said goodbye to three contestants as Adam Levine picked the right three that would help him win the season. 

Adam Levine Poses

Did he make the right decision?

Let’s break down the performances and the decisions….

Adam Cunningham –  “Have a Little Faith in Me”

Adam recently stole Adam from Blake, so it must have been difficult for Blake to hear this rendition of Joe Cocker’s classic. It was great, and his voice remained a force to be reckoned with. 

Adam advanced to the next stage of the competition. 

Whitney Fenimore – “If It Makes You Happy”

Whitney struggled to keep up the momentum and proved she was not the right comeback artist. It seems like it was a case of wrong song choice, and Whitney was given an early exit from the competition. 

Her journey has been crazy, so it’s saddening that she has been let go. 

Jennifer Hudson on The Voice Season 13

Emily Luther – “Lovesong”

Emily had a lot going for her. She has been great throughout her first few performances of the season. She continued to bring her powerful vocals and energetic stage presence in her latest cover of Adele Cure.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to advance to the next stage of the competition. 

Anthony Alexander – “Perfect”

Anthony has struggled to match up to his first performance. Things took an emotional turn for him on stage. His voice was shaky, and he did not bring it as well as that first performance. 

He needs to find a way to fine-tune his vocals, and that will help him. He won’t be doing that on The Voice because he was let go. Sigh. 

Adam Cunningham on The Voice

Jon Mero – “When We Were Young”

So, Jon is kind of a big deal. His rendition of "When We Were Young" gave me chills. His voice is unique, and he knows exactly what he needs to do to get people turning their heads. 

Yes, he advanced, so there’s that. 

Addison Agen – “Angel From Montgomery”

Addison found herself with a song that could make or break her place in the process. Thankfully, it was fine-tuned and went very well with her voice. It was not perfect, but she deserved her place in Adam’s top three. 

Miley is the final person to pick her team, and that will be done via a special one-hour episode which airs tonight on NBC. 

What do you think of the results?

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