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Even though we’ve all watched Kim Zolciak break down while her daughter gets her ears pierced, the reality star isn’t actually a bad mom. Just a little ridiculous.

Did you know that Kim Zolciak became a mother (and, soon after, a single mother) at an unusually young age? Even years later, that can leave its mark.

Well, now the Don’t Be Tardy star has penned a moving letter for all single moms out there.

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak, Twinning

In early 1997, when Kim Zolciak wasn’t quite 19, she gave birth to her first daughter, Brielle.

(As you can see in the photo above, she really takes after her mom)

Four years later (and some change), Kim gave birth to Ariana.

Now, Kim married Kroy Biermann in 2011 and, starting in 2011, she’s given birth to four of his children: KJ, Kash, Kaia, and Kane.

Kroy also formally adopted both Brielle and Ariana, which is why they both now have the last name, Biermann.

With six kids, and having spent many years as a single mom, Kim Zolciak — controversies aside — has gotten a lot of parenting experience, folks.

Zolciak Biermann Family, December 2016

This was their family of eight for their 2016 Christmas photo.

We look forward to seeing their group photo for 2017 (but chill, folks — it’s barely November).

Though it’s been weeks since Ariana’s birthday, Kim Zolciak was apparently feeling reflective or whatever, because she penned a beautiful letter about single motherhood.

She wrote it in the captions of a major throwback photo, which is below.

"Me and my sweet @arianabiermann I had her at 23yrs old and became a single parent close to her delivery!"

There’s no easy time to become a single parent, but even if there were, it definitely wouldn’t be at 23.

"Scared out of my mind … I can’t help reflect back and Thank God for the strength to keep going! I’m living proof that if you keep on believing miracles can happen!!"

A lot of people find comfort in their faith.

"To every single mother in this world I know it’s not easy quite frankly I don’t know how I did it, but keep believing and achieving!"

That’s an encouraging, if vague, message.

And then she speaks much more general words of encouragement.

"Dreams do come true!! Nobody could stop me from achieving my dreams and nobody can stop you! STAY STRONG!"

Here’s the photo, though she also added a postscript that is honestly our favorite part of the whole letter.

Kim Zolciak, Ariana Biermann Throwback Baby Pic

She looks great! (And we know that it’s black and white, but this photo dates back to George W. Bush’s first term, not to, like, the Eisenhower administration)

Are you ready for this postscript? You’re not, but here it is anyway:

"P.S I have great hair yes and no this isn’t a wig [laughing emoji] this was 16yrs ago [heart emoji] for sure have the good hair gene."

It almost makes us wonder if all of the rest of what she wrote was mostly just stream-of-consciousness filler so that she could post this throwback and brag about her hair.

That’s not a criticism. It’s honestly pretty amazing.

Kim Zolciak is a very entertaining reality star, folks.

By the way, this is Ariana Biermann now, having only turned 16 last month.

Ariana Biermann Profile Pic

She’s beautiful!

In just a few years she’ll be taking her mom’s side in feuds like Brielle. Maybe.

Kim has been through a lot. Her whole family has, actually.

We’ve seen the whole family react to Kash’s dog attack, which was definitely a dark chapter on their family’s history even though Kash has recovered well and started school.

Kim Zolciak has a lot of parenting experience upon which to respect.

And, yes, she has some pretty nice hair.