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We’re just gonna come right out and ask:

What’s with the Kardashian sisters dressed up like dead singers this Halloween?!?

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Earlier this week, we posted a photo of Kourtney in a Michael Jackson costume, as she basically impersonated the iconic artist from a look he donned for the Academy Awards in 1991.

The mother of three earned some backlash for the ensemble, partly because Jackson was African-American and Kardashian is not.

And partly because many critics interpreted this as a mockery of Jackson’s memory.

He was a real person, they argued. He died in a tragic way. Heck, he had children!

Why would Kourtney think it would be appropriate to turn the King of Pop into a Halloween prop?

But Kim Kardashian heard it even more from social media users after she shared pictures of herself dressed as Aaliyah.

In this case, again, Aaliyah was black and Kim is not.

Moreover, Aaliyah had her life cut way short when she was killed in a plane crash at the age of 22, making it just strange for Kardashian to choose to imitate her for Halloween.

Here’s a look at that outfit:

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Now, Kardashian has made a similar move.

As you can see in the photo at the outset of this article, Kardashian continued her theme of dressed up like music legends yesterday by rocking a Selena Quintanilla costume.

Wearing a copy of Selena’s well known sparkling purple bodysuit and styled with Selena’s signature brunette bangs, Kim channeled the late artist as she twirled around with a microphone in hand and shared her fake performance with the world on social media.

"My fave Selena!" she wrote as a caption.

Somehow, Kim wasn’t the only star to go out as Quintanilla.

Demi Lovato did so as well:

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For those unaware, Quintanilla wore this outfit her last concert before being shot to death by the president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldívar, in 1995.

So, once again, Kardashian has decided to use someone’s sad and premature death as the basis for her Halloween costume.

And once again she’s getting dragged online for it.

"I am disgusted," wrote one critic on Twitter, while others agreed.

They just found it really odd Kim would go this route (twice!), considering all the options she obviously had for Halloween.

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What do you think of Kardashian’s decision here?

Is she honoring Selena’s memory?

Is she insulting it?

Was Selena actually her favorite artist? Or is she just saying that now to sound hip?

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