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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez appear to be all in.

The singers – who got together years ago… and then broke up… and then got together again… and then broke up again… but who are apparently back together now – aren’t just casually dating, sources say.

The Hollywood Gossip

They’ve apparently decided that this is it.

If they’re gonna try again, they are REALLY gonna try again.

After being spotted kissing on Wednesday night in Los Angeles (during a break from Bieber’s weekly hockey game), Bieber and Gomez allegedly went back home and did a lot more than kiss.

An insider tells Life & Style that Selena “could be pregnant,” which implies that the two are having a lot of sex these days.

(Granted, it need not be a lot, per se. A woman can get pregnant after just one instance of intercourse, which is important for everyone to remember.)

It seems that Bieber and Gomez realize there’s just too much history between them.

It would be silly to pretend as if they could start over and go slow; therefore, they might as well go as quickly as possible.

The artists are allegedly discussing marriage and kids and even getting into what to name their potential offspring.

That’s how serious this rekindled romance has become already.

If the couple ends up having a boy, for example, an insider claims Selena “loves the name Jacob.”

Because she was a big fan of Taylor Lautner in The Twilight Saga?

No, because of alliteration.

“She knows she wants a ‘J’ name that will fit perfectly with Justin,” Life & Style writes, adding:

“She has always wanted children with Justin.”

The Hollywood Gossip

This does seem to be the case.

Even though Gomez is coming off a fairly long-term relationship with The Weeknd, and even though Justin has seemingly slept with half the female population under 27, the stars have always seem drawn to each other.

They’ve never really bad-mouthed each other to the press.

If anything, they’ve gone out of their way to refer to the other in glowing terms, implying he or she will always hold a special place in his or her heart.

Still, it was unclear whether they’ve ever hop back into bed with each other.

Even the most ardent Jelena supporter probably doubted the stars would book a return trip to Pound Town.

But then Selena underwent a kidney transplant and suffered a severe health scare and Bieber was awoken to what he came very close to losing.

Gomez, meanwhile, realized that she shouldn’t be wasting her time on anyone who isn’t Justin Bieber.

“Selena’s health scare has given her more reason to live than ever,” the Life & Style mole says of the 25-year-old.

“She doesn’t want to waste another precious second.”