Christina Aguilera: Latest Instagram Pic Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Christina Aguilera has sported many different looks over the years.

We've seen her Disney days, her regrettable "Xtina" phase, a few seasons of The Voice where she looked so bored we wondered how long she'd be able to continue sitting upright ... the list goes on and on.

But it seems Christina still has some tricks up her sleeve, because these days, she's showing fans a look they've definitely never seen before.

Christina Aguilera at the 2017 AMAs

Aguilera posted the above pic to Instagram recently, and amidst the usual DM requests from Saudi princes was a slew of comments about the singer's allegedly altered appearance.

In fact, Christina's followers basically declared a one-sided roast battle and attempted to outdo one another with the most clever putdown:

"What the actual f--k did #ChristinaAguilera do to her face?!! She looks [like] a blow up doll of Lindsay Lohan!" reads one of the remarks collected by Life & Style.

"Here’s hoping Christina Aguilera’s new album is as big a creative departure as her new face is!" wrote another user.

Christina Aguilera American Music Awards Performance

With followers like these, who needs, um ... whatever the opposite of a follower is!

Christina sang at the AMAs over the weekend, and yet again, her so-called fans were not particularly kind.

“OMG POOR XTINA! Girl what did you do to your face??” one fan commented on Twitter.

“Agh! Christina Aguilera’s lips at the #AMAs! She definitely didn’t need any of that.”

A third dropped this painfully back-handed compliment:

“Christina is the last person on the planet who needs plastic surgery. I wish she’d calm down with all the fillers and injections.”

Christina Aguilera Performs at AMAs

Fortunately, Aguilera still has plenty of defenders in her corner:

"Christina does not deserve your rude comments!" wrote one Chris Crocker-like warrior.

"She is against bullying, This is wrong. You are wrong. It was so heartbreaking to see all the comments on Christina's latest post."

That's an important point but even if, for some bizarre reason, Christina were pro-bullying, she still wouldn't be a fan of negative comments directed at her.

We're pretty sure no one enjoys logging into social media to find that a bunch of strangers have a problem with their appearance.

Sadly, it's not an uncommon experience these days.

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