Blake Shelton: Refusing to Marry Gwen Stefani Because of Miranda Lambert?!

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It's been a tough year for true love, huh?

Come to think of it, it's been a tough year for pretty much everything.

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With divorces for couples like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Fergie and Josh Duhamel, we have to wonder if it's even possible for two people to get together and stay together these days.

It's depressing.

Even one of our go-to favorite couples, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, seems to be struggling a bit these days.

Because even though you can't get on the internet without hearing a rumor about the two of them having a baby or trying to have a baby or talking about having a baby, things may not be as good as you'd think between them.

And it's all Miranda Lambert's fault.

According to a source who spoke with Life & Style, Gwen and Blake are still in love and all that, but they won't be getting married anytime soon because of how things went down between Blake and Miranda.

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"Blake had hoped that time would ease the pain of the divorce and the betrayal he felt," the source says, "but sadly, it just hasn't."

"To this day, Blake believes Miranda cheated on him. It just wounded his soul."

This insider explains that although he knows Gwen is different, and although he and Gwen have been discussing getting hitched for a while now, "he's still devastated" by his divorce.

"Blake has been honest with her lately about not being ready to tie the knot," how tragic is that?

It could be worse though, because the source goes on to say that Gwen has similar thoughts about getting married -- that perhaps it's just not time yet.

Her reasons are the same as Blake's, too -- while there were a few reports that claimed that Miranda cheated on Blake, it was much more widely reported that Gwen left Gavin because he had an affair with their children's nanny.

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani Throwback Photo

"Gavin's betrayal of their marriage vows nearly destroyed her," the source says. "Gwen has also realized over time that she doesn't need to get married again."

But before you go and get too upset at this development, know that although we may not see a wedding for these two anytime soon, there's still a decent chance they could have a baby!

The source explains that "Blake and Gwen are committed to having a baby together. They just don't want to get married."

Which is fair, because marriage is a huge commitment, while having a baby with someone is a lot more chill ... except there is no universe in which that logic makes sense.

If Gwen and Blake are just not worried about getting married, that's one thing, but if they're avoiding it because they're scared of being hurt again?

Maybe slow down on all those baby efforts then, lovebirds.

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