Kailyn Lowry: "Unrecognizable" Following Latest Plastic Surgery?!

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If you've been following her personal life and its many, many ups and downs, you know that Kailyn Lowry has had some work done over the years.

To her credit, Lowry has always been completely upfront with her adoring public when it comes to her cosmetic procedures.

But now, some fans are convinced that Kail went under the knife on the down-low, and some of these people really want her to 'fess up:

Kailyn Lowry: Plastic Surgery Image?

That's a photo of Kail that the Teen Mom 2 star posted on Instagram last night.

We probably don't need to tell you that Lowry is the one on the right, because despite some fans' claims that Kailyn's plastic surgery has rendered her "unrecognizable," she actually remains quite recognizable.

Hell, even if her face had changed as much as people claim, the giant skull on Kail's shoulder makes her pretty easy to spot in a crowd.

Anyway, Kailyn had a Brazilian butt lift back in 2016, but as far as we know, she hasn't had any work done since.

(There have been rumors about Kailyn getting lip fillers, but do temporary injections even count as procedures anymore?)

Kailyn recently revealed that she had veneers put on her teeth, but insists she's made no other changes to her face.

Kailyn Lowry in a Jean Jacket

Despite that, fans are convinced that Lowry recently made some changes to her face.

"It really looks like you got fillers and or surgery," one self-appointed expert commented on Kailyn's pic.

"Look at your nose, looks like u could be a witch for halloween the way it curves down almost touching your lips...Call it like I see it," wrote another kindly soul.

Fortunately, the majority of commenters sided with Kailyn and reminded her that the haters are always gonna hate, hate, hate:

"Make a note to never wear makeup and look good again in an instagram photo. How dare you look good! People have nothing better to do apparently but bash people. Bet if they met you in public they'd want to be your best friend."

And then there were those who acknowledged that the only real change in Kailyn is her teeth, but still seized the opportunity to throw shade:

Shake it Baby

"Not a fan of your teeth love how white they areubit can totally tell they're fake! They look great on some, and aren't so much for others."

You just can't win with some folks.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to keep track of Kail's changing looks over the years.

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