Justin Bieber: All About "Following Jesus" These Days

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Justin Bieber spent time with Selena Gomez this week, fueling speculation that he and his famous ex-girlfriend are back together.

This doesn't seem to be the case, however.

Partly because Selena is in a committed relationship with The Weeknd; partly because we can't imagine she would take Justin back after the way he treated her; and partly because Bieber is also in a committed relationship...

Justin Bieber Just Hangs

... with Jesus Christ.

We don't mean to sound sarcastic or disrespectful.

It's been reported for several weeks now by several outlets that Bieber is more focused on his faith than ever before.

Back in July, Bieber canceled the remaining dates on his world tour, allegedly due to his religious beliefs.

The artist has been growing especially close to Hillsong Church leader Carl Lentz for awhile, so much so that fans are worried Bieber will actually give up music for the church.

Referring to Bieber calling off a bunch of concerts this summer, an insider told TMZ the following at the time:

"He made his decision based on spiritual soul-searching and his own view of the path in life he should be taking."

Hey, if Bieber is happy...whatever, right? That's what matters.

Earlier today, meanwhile, the superstar made another reference to his faith and the journey he's apparently on, thanking another church leader, Josh Mehl, for seemingly playing a role in turning his life around.

Justin Bieber and Church Leader

"I have learned so much from you, I’m a better man because of you," wrote Bieber as a caption to the photo above, adding:

"I’m a better friend because of you. You have been a true example of what Following Jesus looks like and I’m so grateful I get to walk through this life knowing you!"

Pretty powerful stuff.

Just a few weeks ago, manager and close friend Scooter Braun gave an interview in which he detailed just how far Bieber really had plummeted following his drunk driving arrest and other run-ins with the law/paparazzi.

"It was worse than people realized," Braun said. "I failed him day after day. We were living in hell because he was in such a dark place."

The music insider said others in the industry told him to give up on Bieber because "the kid was done," making it clear that Bieber perhaps really did need to change paths.

He was drinking a lot and partying all the time and his career was in danger.

Justin Bieber, Black and White Selfie

So don't get mad at Bieber for taking a break now.

Don't pressure him to make new music.

It sounds as though he needed the guidance of a church and various religious leaders to turn his life around and it sounds as though he's found that.

Just go ahead and wish him luck on his journey in that case.

That's what we're choosing to do.

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