Jana Duggar: The Real Reason She's Still Single Revealed

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If you're a fan of the Duggar clan, then you're likely aware of the scrutiny surrounding the love life of eldest daughter Jana, 27.

The so-called "Cinderella Duggar" is still single and a surprising number of people are of the opinion that this needs to change.

If you believe Duggar Nation, she needs to be married off ASAP.

Jana Duggar: A Picture

Whether that's true or not, reports about Jana's involvement in various courtships circulate pretty much non-stop on social media.

The rumor mill was working overtime this past week, with Jana allegedly entering not one but two romantic relationships.

First, fans were convinced that Jana was courting Caleb Williams, a longtime family friend with whom she was recently photographed.

Caleb posted a status update clarifying that he and Jana are just friends, but that didn't stop the internet sleuths from digging deeper.

The mystery of Jana's love life knows no bounds.

Shortly after the Williams rumor was debunked - like right after - it was widely reported that Jana was courting Jacob Wilson.

Jana Duggar in the Garden

Wilson, like Williams before him, also took to social media to refute the claims that he and Jana are more than just friends.

And once again, well intentioned fans who have become far too invested in fair Jana Duggar's dating life are crestfallen. 

As always, the main question on everybody's mind is why Jana is choosing to remain single ... if it's her choice at all.

(As though she somehow owes an explanation to people who watch her family's reality show ... but that's another story.)

Not surprisingly, it seems the answer is not as dramatic, intriguing, or emotionally devastating as you might believe.

She simply hasn't found the right man, and she has other things going on in her life these days, and ... well, that's it.

Jana Duggar on Counting On

"She's picky," one insider tells Radar Online.

"She's hardly ever home," the source says. "She lives at home, but she has a job. She's not stressed about getting married."

We assume the job the source refers to is Jana's role as caretaker to all the younger kids, but a position at her family's car lot.

So while she may not be at home very often, she's still spending most of her time on her family's property in Arkansas.

We're sure Jim Bob wouldn't have it any other way (especially with Jinger moving to Scotland, potentially, maybe).

Still, it's interesting to learn that she spends so much of her time at work, and not doing chores around the compound.

Jana Duggar is Not Impressed

On TV, we're given the impression that Jana has devoted her life to serving as a second mother to her younger siblings.

If the report that she actually devotes most of her time to flipping cars is accurate, it makes you question a lot of things.

We're left wondering, then, why she would be inaccurately portrayed on a series that's executive produced by her dad?

Sadly, the most likely explanation is that Jim Bob carefully manages his family's image - to an extreme, and to a fault.

The patriarch may not want to give viewers the impression that his eldest daughter is not only single, but - gasp! - a career woman.

You can be the judge of that as you watch Counting On online and try to decipher what little screen time Jana gets.

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