Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 21 Recap: Abby Returns!!!

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Abby Lee Miller is in prison right now, but the Beast of the East filmed a surprise return to Dance Moms before her stint in the big house kicked off. 

When Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 21 got underway, Abby made her grand entrance, and it kicked the drama into high gear. 

As you will recall if you watch Dance Moms online, Abby ditched the ALDC as she tried to cope with her ever-growing list of legal woes. 

In the process, she left the girls without a dance teacher, so the mothers were forced to find a replacement who was worthy of helping the girls secure some wins. 

Despite what many may think, Laurieann has not been a good fit. The girls are getting wins here and there, and that's a stark contrast to how they reigned under the watchful eye of Abby. 

A. L. Miller

"You put us all in a situation where we had to find somebody else, and when [Laurieann] came in, she was tons of energy, and she was invested, and she was here, and she was working," mom Ashlee Allen screamed about drafting in Laurieann.

"Well, she’s desperate for work. I’ve been working for six years non-stop... How good are you when you don’t win?" Abby fired back in defense of her move. 

Jill Vertes then joined in on the hate parade against Abby. 

"It’s about creating workable dancers, not about doing the same eight-count and 52 turns to win a plastic trophy... [The girls] love Laurieann Gibson. They said they didn’t want you coming back."

Okay then. 

Abby Lee Miller is Peeved

Eventually, the mothers decided they were done listening to Abby and that they did what they thought was right for the sake of the girls. 

The mini mothers were fine with putting up with Abby because since Laurieann came on board, their children have been a mere afterthought. 

That probably boils down to the fact that the new dance teacher is not accustomed to dealing with the younger girls because she generally deals with adults. 

When the mothers requested that Laurieann dealt with the older girls, she declined because Abby got rid of her. The older girls' mothers went ham because they wanted the best for the girls and Abby did not want to be there. 

Abby Lee Miller on Season 8

In Abby's defense, she said Laurieann was terrible with the younger kids, so it did make sense. Abby then said that she was taking a break and that the moms could speak to her lawyer about what was happening. 

The moms hit a breaking point and had their daughters leave the studio. Jamie decided to keep Maesi in the studio because their options were limited. 

Abby was initially hesitant to give Maesi a solo because Jaime initially walked out. She gave in, but it was clearly a tactic to get to the mini mothers to be mad. 

The other moms drafted in Kalani to help out in a new studio. It was a dream come true for Kalani who wanted to do it for a living one day. 

In the end, Brynn confirmed she wanted to return to Abby because the lack of security was getting to her. 

What do you think about this drama?

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