Chris Lopez: Why Won't He Appear on Teen Mom 2?

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Generally, when a new Teen Mom baby daddy enters the fray, he can't wait to get his sperm-donating face in font of an MTV camera crew.

And honestly, we can't say we blame them.

After all, it's an easy job that pays big bucks - a tantalizing prospect for any young guy who just brought another hungry mouth into the world.

Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry

As a bonus, it offers the dads something of an opportunity to defend themselves, rather than sit idly by and let fans assume the worst.

One's Twitter mentions are likely to burst into flames every time they're the subject of an enraged rant from one of the show's stars.

For reasons that remain somewhat unclear, however, the father of Kailyn Lowry's third child wants no part in any of that.

As he's stated from the start, the international man of mystery Chris Lopez does not want to appear on Teen Mom 2.

Like, at all.

Lopez has apparently made it clear to producers of the hit show that he doesn't even want his face to appear on camera.

Chris Lopez Picture

What's less clear is why the first-time dad is so camera shy, considering he was involved with a famous MTV reality star.

At first, the decision at least made some sense, as sources said Lopez was refusing to play a role in his baby's life,

We not condoning it, but not everyone wants to advertise the fact that they're sort of a sh-tty person. We get that.

But now, to his credit, Lopez has apparently stepped up to the plate in the dad department, at least to some degree.

Despite initial reports that he wouldn't be in the delivery room, Chris made an appearance to meet his miracle child.

Lopez was right by his baby mama's side, and he even drove Kailyn home from the hospital with their unnamed son.

Chris Lopez on Teen Mom 2

When fans learned that he'd come around and decided to be a dad, many assumed he would also join the cast of TM2.

Not so fast.

Apparently he still won't appear on camera - and he's using reasoning that must be a little bit offensive to Kailyn.

A source close to Lopez tells Hollywood Life:

“Chris continues to not want to be on the current season and he is avoiding the cameras around Kailyn and the baby for now."

“He does not want his child to know him as a reality star."

"Despite the repeated offers for money by the network, Chris prefers to keep a low-profile when the cameras are rolling."

"Chris is around however and helping with the baby.”

Kailyn Lowry and Sons

He doesn't want his child to know him as a reality star. Not only is that an obnoxious thing to say, it doesn't make any sense.

It would be like if you were unemployed, and your baby mama was a manager at McDonald's, so she offered you a job.

Rather than taking her up on it, though, you'd be like, "Nah, I don't want my kid to have two parents who always reek of McDoubles."

Also ... really, you don't want your kid to know you as a reality star? That's your chief concern in all of this!?

Well, good news, Chris:

As long as you're in the kid's life, he'll know you as his father for several years before he even has any idea what a reality star is.

Although to be fair, there might be more to the story here.

With his affinity for faulty logic and nonsensical arguments, Lopez may have been offered a position in the Trump White House.

Now that would be a plot twist for the ages by MTV.

As always, you can follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of the world of Kailyn and her questionable taste in men.

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