Teen Mom: New Jersey is a Real Thing

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Remember when we mentioned that MTV was doing more with Teen Mom? It's now officially confirmed.

What do you do when you want to class up your series? Set it in New Jersey, of course!

Just what the world needed.

Teen Mom New Jersey

Don't get us wrong -- there's been plenty of entertainment thanks to the Teen Mom cast over the years.

And some of the moms who gave birth in their teens turned out to be great moms and great people, too.

But ... have you ever looked at Farrah Abraham and thought "we should have more celebs like this, actually," let alone thought that she's the best mom out there?

Or maybe you think that more reality stars and mothers should be like Jenelle Evans?

Well, Teen Mom: New Jersey might open up a whole new can of worms.

Farrah Abraham for MTV

To be clear, we don't know much at all about Teen Mom: New Jersey.

In fact, before this confirmation, we knew that they were filming in New Jersey but weren't sure if it was going to be another Teen Mom or a 16 and Pregnant.

Either way, though, MTV name-dropped the series during a promo that spent more time on Age-Appropriate Wolf.

(Or you can call it by it's proper name: Teen Wolf; whatever -- that show went off the rails a few seasons ago with that disastrous "Benefactor" story-arc, unfortunately)

The reason that people are concerned about yet another series cropping up is, well, that the lives of other Teen Moms don't always turn out so well.

Remember when Mackenzie McKee slammed the 16 and Pregnant reboot?

She was on the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant and she is honestly terrified that young, impressionable teens might go out of their way to try to get on the show.

Like, if you're a teenage girl who feels like she doesn't get enough attention or who wants to be a reality star or maybe who's from one of those scary small towns and doesn't see any viable opportunities when she grows up, something like Teen Mom might seem like your one shot.

It isn't, of course -- there are all sorts of ways to build a career and leave your hometown in the dust.

But few teenagers have the life experience to realize that.

And just a small few don't have the common sense to understand that a pregnancy is more like to derail their lives than anything else is.

Amber Portwood Goodbye Message

But hopefully the producers screen applicants for things like signs that they dreamt of being on a show like Teen Mom since before they ever became pregnant.

And, as much as it sounds like the Hunger Games, sometimes a reality series like Teen Mom can provide much-needed financial support to young mothers who would otherwise become truly desperate.

And there's no questioning that the series becomes addictive.

Readers become attached to new mothers and their lives and the drama of their almost invariably disappointing baby-daddies.

So we guess that we're all going to take the plunge into Teen Mom: New Jersey together, huh?

It should be interesting.

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