Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Who Dated a Married Man?!?

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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 is proving to be the most toxic season of the series to date. With cheating allegations, fights, and friends becoming enemies it is making for some solid TV viewing. 

When Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 Episode 8 got underway, Ray J was working on his music career and revealed that he wanted to make a big return. 

He had been spending nights in the recording studio trying to find the perfect song that would return his career to its former glory, but was there trouble in paradise for him and his woman?

Princess was ovulating and given their difficulty conceiving, she wanted them to have some alone time and make cook up a new hit of their own in the bedroom. 

But Ray did not want to put his career on hold again by refusing A1's help. 

Ray J Promo Photo

Moniece and Masika met up to dish about what's been happening with them for their podcast "The Clapback Recap." Masika was quick to point the finger at Hazel-E. 

The reason? Hazel-E was apparently buying Instagram followers, and that did not wash well with the ladies. They wanted everyone to become big because of their talent. 

They then move on to trash Nikki Mudarris, and this biggest takeaway was that she looked like a "human-sized condom" because of her tight dresses. 

Masika then dropped the bomb that Nikka was dating a married basketball player. Oh, the drama. 

Masika Kalysha

Alexis was still not impressed with Solo Lucci's baby mama for trashing her modeling shoot. Solo tried to alleviate the situation, but Alexis was not in a forgiving mood.

“I tried to get control of the situation, but she was going to do whatever,” Solo reveals. 

“I met up with her last night and let us know what we had been in the past.”

Alexis did not want to be the one to break up the family, so she was mad about the whole thing. She did also say they would never have a relationship and that they should just call it quits. 

Teairra Mari

Remember when Cisco showed up at Amber's and she answered the door in her underwear? Well, it seems like they are totes banging and Teairra is not impressed. 

Amber wasted no time in telling her love rival that she would stop at nothing to win Cisco's heart. Later, Cisco told the truth and said he was only with Amber because she was "fun."

Ray J Poses

Finally, we returned to find out that Ray J was steering clear of sexy time because of his low sperm count. Princess seemed happy to learn he was changing his lifestyle to make it higher. 

So, is all right for them? It sure seems that way!

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