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Ray J has been a polarizing figure during his time in the spotlight, but we’re surprised to say that he’s a genuinely nice man. 

On Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 Episode 2, the singer opened up about struggling to conceive a child with Princess Love.

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When the episode got underway, Ray J revealed that he was pleased with his relationship and that he had just returned from a getaway with his wife. 

“Princess wants a baby but it ain’t happening,” he admitted about their struggle to conceive a child. To lighten up the mood, he made a wager with Safaree Samuels and A1 to see who had the higher sperm count. 

The loser had to collaborate with none other than Hazel-E, so there’s that. 

Meanwhile, Brooke met up with Booby and got talking about her relationship woes. Despite them meeting up at a hotel, Brooke wanted everyone to know that they were not a thing. 

Safaree Has Abs for Days
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“No. No. No. It’s not what you think,” Brooke says.

“Booby and I go way back to our H-town days. No one knows me like he does. So I just had to sit down and talk with him and get his take on all that is going on with this Marcus [Black] business. He knows my relationship with Marcus has been up and down.”

Well, thanks for clearing that up, we guess. Booby was Team Brooke and felt like she should be treated like a queen. 

“He’s jaw-jacking and telling her what she wants to hear,” he says in his confessional.

“If Marcus was trill enough to understand in what he had with someone like Brooke, he’d be running down the aisle to make sure no one got their hands on that!”

Elsewhere, Nikki Baby met up with Chanel West Coast who was trying to get her music career on track. 

They went to high school together, but Nikki had never heard any of her friend’s songs. Nikki offered to help Chanel, and something tells us they will become very close friends in the process. 

The good thing about this show is that the singers are generally very good and have great voices. 

At the same event, Chantel’s friend Jade revealed that she’s been sleeping up with Marcus. Poor Brooke. 

Nikki introduced Safarree to Chantel, and it looks like he likes her a lot. 

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“This ain’t the first time I’ve pushed a pretty, young thing to the next level,” Safaree admits to everyone. 

When the pair meets up, it’s evident they could make some good music together. 

After the party, Lyrica lets Brooke know that Marcus has been going with someone else, and well, things take a crazy turn. 

Brooke is not one to be made a fool of and goes out of her way to find out the truth, but we need to wait until next week to see what’s next. 

Ray J on Love & Hip Hop
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At the conclusion, we circled back to the sperm count results. A1 had 75 million, while Safaree had 43 million, and Ray J came in dead last with 9 million. 

Ray J was told to make some significant changes to increase his count. So, there’s a possibility a mini Ray J could be running around soon!

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