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Kailyn Lowry really does have a wonderful little life, doesn’t she?

She has a beautiful home with three beautiful children, one a precious little newborn she just brought home.

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She just finished her bachelor’s degree in May — the first Teen Mom to complete an undergraduate degree! — and it looks like she’s setting herself up well for when the MTV paychecks dry up.

In all the recent photos she’s shared of herself with her kids, she looks really, really happy.

It’s nice to see.

But while there are a whole lot of good things going for Kailyn, it can’t be denied that there’s a fair bit of drama going on behind the scenes.

Or, well, not "behind the scenes," really. It’s pretty much just out there in the open.

And that’s largely because of the father of her third child, Chris Lopez.

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We’ve been hearing all about Chris ever since Kailyn confirmed he was the baby’s father — and the things we’ve heard haven’t been very good.

Throughout her pregnancy, we heard that he’d abandoned her, and she even said that she was going to be a single mom this time around.

Report after report claimed that Chris didn’t want anything to do with her or their baby, and that was pretty heartbreaking.

But then, something amazing happened!

She revealed in an interview that he was there in the delivery room when she gave birth to the precious but still unnamed Baby Lo, and he also drove them home from the hospital.

And yes, that’s pretty much the bare minimum a new father should do, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.

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In the past few weeks, various reports have claimed that Chris can’t seem to make up his mind on how active of a parent he wants to be.

Shortly after the birth, he visited his new son frequently, but then he allegedly bailed again.

But as a source now tells Hollywood Life, he’s doing the best he can.

"Kailyn and Chris have been spending more time together since the baby’s birth, trying to make the whole difficult situation work," the source says.

"He is doing his best to be a good father and to treat Kailyn better. Chris loves their little baby and wants to make sure he has a healthy relationship with Kailyn."

That’s nice, right?

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Though they’re both "overwhelmed with the new baby" right now, "he is there and doing what he feels is the right thing."

"Kailyn is happy that he is present and helping with diapers and late night feedings, so all is well with them … for now at least."

Unfortunately, as soon as that source told that sweet little story, another popped up with a slightly different take on things.

Because even though Chris is apparently trying, "it’s just not working out."

"At this point, having raised two babies already, Kailyn is an expert when it comes to caring for the baby," this source alleges.

"Frankly, Chris is just getting in her way and causing extra problems."

But someone getting in the way of her new mom groove may be the least of her problems soon …

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The supposed Kailyn insider says that Chris’ mother is urging him "to apply for full time custody of her grandchild."

"Chris has no desire to try and take his kid away from Kailyn," which is good, "but his mom is concerned about visitation rights."

It’s not just that though — his mother is also said to be concerned about Kailyn’s "lifestyle," as well as "the fact that she has three children from three fathers."

"Chris’ mom really wants Baby Lo to be raised by her family and standards."

Which, if true, is pretty rich, considering that her family raised Chris, a guy who basically abandoned a woman after he got her pregnant and could very well end up abandoning his son, too.

Oh, Kailyn, just when it looked like things couldn’t get messier …