Big Brother Recap: Did Jason Dent Save Raven Walton?

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Did Jason Dent save Raven?

Big Brother 19 has been the worst season of the iconic CBS reality series by a wide margin. The houseguests are following Paul Abrahamian like he's some sort of Big Brother God. 

Raven Walton

It has made things predictable, and downright boring to watch, but it looks like things are about to change and that's all thanks to Jason Dent. 

Yeah, he's the dude who chatted about tying up a fellow houseguests wife and raping her while her kids watched. 

When the episode got underway, Matt and Raven seemingly believed the plan to backdoor Kevin and got him the heck out of the house. 

But Jason had built up a friendship with Kevin throughout the season and did not want to put one of his best friends on the block. 

Jason Dent on Big Brother

On top of that, Kevin flat-out declined the opportunity to spend some time on the block, and it put Jason in a right pickle. 

The wannabe cowboy did not want to change the nominations because he felt like he trusted Kevin more. 

But Jason's right-hand chick in the house, Alex was against the idea of keeping Kevin in the house.

She turned to Paul and Christmas and practically threw her ride or die under the bus, further solidifying that she is one of the worst players in Big Brother history. 

Alex OW

The odd thing about all of it was that Matt and Raven did not speak to Jason, so how did they expect Jason to stick to any plan? 

Like, why would that even happen? Raven wanted to be the one to win the veto competition. But she did not need to worry because Matt said publicly that he would be saving Raven because everything she's been through. 

Okay, that's completely absurd when you consider the fact that she has done absolutely nothing all summer apart from getting jiggy when the lights go out. 

Like, where is her social game or her competition wins? She can tell us she's weak all she wants, but did anyone see the way she randomly cartwheels and breaks into dance. 

Abbott, Christmas

The way we see it is that neither of them deserves to be in the house and they should both be removed for stupidity and watch a few seasons of the show in the sequester to show how dumb they are. 

It was the veto competition with the house being destroyed as the nominees had their veto cards hidden. Somewhere along the way, the houseguests came across Raven and Matt's stash of condoms. 


Jason Dent on Big Brother

Jason emerged with the win, and Paul tried to work Alex to get Kevin on the block, but Jason knew they were up to something and kept Kevin off the block. 

Raven started flipping out, and the episode came to a close. Yes, there are going to be fireworks tonight!

What did you think of the developments?

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