Kylie Jenner: Unhappy With Travis Scott? Pining For TYGA?!

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Kylie Jenner's been dating Travis Scott and, even though he's kind of icky (he compared Kylie and Kendall's sex skills), we've been celebrating because at least she's broken free of Tyga's thrall. ... Right?

Supposedly, Kylie Jenner said goodbye forever to Tyga ... but this has people wondering if our nightmares will come true, and Kyga will happen again.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Apparently, Travis Scott isn't going out of his way to pamper Kylie Jenner.

At least, not in the way that Tyga did.

In fact, apparently the fact that she's not being treated like a princess is making Kylie Jenner miss Tyga.

There's a thought to turn anyone's stomach, right?

"Kylie really likes Travis but there are definitely some issues in their relationship," reports HollywoodLife.

That can be true of any couple.

"She loves that he’s so focused on work and his career, but it has been hard at times as she’s used to getting so much attention from Tyga."

You kinda can't have it both ways, right?

"Tyga used to shower her with love and affection constantly."

Well of course he did ... Kylie's the only reason that anyone knows who Tyga is.

(Not that Travis Scott is some big name celebrity)

Kylie Jenner's Lingerie for Lipkits

We kind of feel like Tyga "showered her with affection" because he wanted her to stay obsessed with him.

When you're a grown-ass man who starts dating a girl when she's a minor, you go the extra mile to dazzle her, apparently.

That's not quite the process that they call grooming, but whatever it is, it's certainly creepy as hell.

(Tyga, in general, is creepy as hell)

Tyga clearly had some maturity issues of his own, which would explain why he spends money like a cartoon character who doesn't know that it's finite.

His immaturity would be the least creepy explanation for why he zeroed in on then-underage Kylie Jenner when they first started dating.

Also, maybe Travis Scott's working more on his career than Tyga did because Travis Scott actually has a rap career.

Travis Scott Instagram Image

This sounds iffy to everyone else, too, right?

We know that Kylie is 19 -- though she turns 20 next month (August 10th!).

But ... is she really bothered by having a boyfriend who's concentrating on his career.

And who in the world is bothered by having a boyfriend who doesn't make reckless, financially irresponsible decisions?

Kylie has to keenly remember the embarrassment of Tyga having bought her a car ... only for it to be repossessed because he was either unwilling or unable to pay for it.

Travis Scott actually has a higher net worth than Tyga -- $4 million to Tyga's $2 million, if reports are to be believed.

But that doesn't mean that Travis should blow, like, a quarter of his wealth on a girlfriend of a few months.

Especially when that girlfriend is Kylie Jenner.

This isn't just because the Kardashian family as a whole is wealthy (combined, they're worth nearly a half-billion, as we recall).

Kylie herself is very wealthy, and makes tons of money on her own.

(Through things like lip kits and social media ads, not to mention getting paid for being on reality shows)

In fact, judging by Kylie Jenner's net worth, the youngest of the siblings may be out-earning her sisters.

Or if she isn't now, she might start, soon.

Kylie Jenner Yellow Bikini

If Kylie Jenner is really bummed that Travis Scott isn't hemorrhaging money in an attempt to impress her ... the girl needs to do some growing up.

If she really wants a guy who's going to just dump money on her, she can probably find a 40-year-old billionaire who'd be happy to throw expensive gifts her way.

She's not going be financially impressed by no-name rappers.

They'd never measure up to her.

But you know what? It's kind of absurd that she'd expect them to be treating her to anything.

She's Kylie freaking Jenner, and if she wants to be treated, she should take some advice from Parks and Recreation and treat herself.

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