Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift Take MAJOR Step in Their Relationship

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Taylor Swift may have recently lost a good friend in Lorde.

But is the singer about to gain a new set of in-laws?!?

This is the question we're forced to ask now that a new tabloid report implies that the romance between Swift and Joe Alwyn is about to take a significant step. 

Taylor Swift Struts

In the direction of marriage?!?

Hey, you never know!

According to Life & Style, Swift has extended a special invitation to Alwyn's parents to fly from Great Britain to Nashville in order to spend time with her parents.

One can only assume such an invitation would not be extended unless Alwyn and Swift were serious about their relationship.

"Taylor is extremely close to her family and she loves Joe’s parents," a source tells this magazine. "She really wants them all to get to know each other.”

We believe Taylor is even offering to fly the Alwyns on a private jet to make this meeting happen.

Joe Alwyn Photograph

The singer and the scarcely-known British actor have been dating for about six months now.

You're forgiven if you've failed to remember this, however, considering how quiet Swift has remained about the arrangement.

In other cases, one might assume this would mean that Swift were ashamed of Alwyn for some reason.

When it comes to Taylor, however, the opposite assumption may be the safest one to make.

The artist has been mocked mercilessly over the years for flaunting relationships with fellow stars such as Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston in public. Many critics believe these weren't even relationships.

They were mere PR opportunities dragged out over several months.

Might Swift have finally learned her lesson?

Might she actually feel so strongly about Alwyn that she's focused on their future far more than she's focused on how the press will react to their public displays of affection?

Taylor Swift Belts Out a Hit

"Taylor has offered to fly Joe’s parents out by private jet,” the Life & Style source insider says, concluding:

“His folks are low-key and aren’t used to the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, but Taylor’s going out of her way to impress them."

It's almost like she doesn't want any bad blood to exist between then and her family members.

We tend to think she's yearning to write a love story with a happy ending in this case.

When it comes to her feelings for Alwyn, it's sort of like Taylor can't shake them off because she hasn't experienced a romance like this since the year she was born, 1989.

Never ever getting back together? It's more like Swift may have finally found someone from whom she never wants to be apart.

Like, EVER.

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