Jinger Duggar Wears Pants & Shoots Gun; Fans Freak Out!

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Back in April, when Jinger Duggar wore pants for the first time in an Instagram photo, and the Internet lost its collective mind.

That's a bit of a strange sentence, but if you watch Counting On online at all, you know that it weirdly makes perfect sense.

Jinger Duggar And Her Gun

Pants and the women of the Duggar clan - who are almost exclusively seen in (LONG) skirts or dresses, don't normally go together.

That's putting it a bit too diplomatically even.

In fact, Duggar women are flat-out forbidden to wear pants, so fans loved that the newly-married Jinger was rebelling against her upbringing.

Taking advantage of her newfound freedom, or at least Jeremy Vuolo's more relaxed views on pants, Jinger is coming into her own.

So you can imagine how much Duggar Nation enjoyed the above picture of the 23-year-old rocking pants ... and brandishing a sidearm.

Yes, the photo above appeared on Jinger's Instagram page over the weekend with a photo reading simply, "Ready! Aim! Fire!"

Jinger Duggar Wears Pants

Needless to say, the comments section of her post on the social media network erupted with praise and Random Capitalization.

Your smile says it all," wrote one fan.

"I am SOOOO happy to see that you are finally able to Be Your Own Person!!! You can now do whatever makes YOU happy! Good for you!"

"Forget all the haters out there," the Jinger supporter added. "You are a grown woman, do whatever makes YOU happy, girl!!!"

Another commented along similar lines, urging her to live for herself, not fans: "Nice to see the new diversity in your life Jinger!"

"Target shooting and pants do not define a person so please pay no attention to the judgmental comments being made!"

Jinger Duggar Shorts

But not surprisingly, because this is the Internet and this is Duggar Nation, there were those who took issue with the picture.

The critics; arguments were always perfectly cogent and level-headed. Just kidding, most of them were completely bonkers:

"You are a bloody hypocrite! What is a big Christian like yourself doing shooting guns, a weapon used to kill people?"

That was one hater. Even the pants got people riled up. Wrote another completely rational commenter regarding that topic:

"And why are you wearing pants? According to you and your hypocritical ass family, wearing pants is wrong and and guns are evil."

"You were dying to leave your own Christian parents so you could live how the heck you want? That is a sin, Ms Christian."

Jinger Duggar Sports Pants, Baby Bump?

Yeah. While the Duggars are always something of a lightning rod for controversy, this seems to have upped the ante more than usual.

In summation, this much is crystal clear:

Jinger In Pants With Firearm has replaced Jinger Wearing Shorts as the most divisive work of photographic art featuring a member of the Duggar clan.

This latest image, of course, is a bit more divisive, but we suppose it's because Jinger - perhaps unwittingly - touched on a timely political issue.

Just wait until the third part of the trilogy.

Jinger Wears Pants and Poses For a Selfie With Vladimir Putin and Edward Snowden should be debuting sometime later this summer.

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