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Jessica Graf has been on the outs with her fellow houseguests for several weeks now, but as is always the case in the Big Brother house, the moment someone rises to power, everyone wants to be their friend. 

With Cody back in the mix, Jessica has surprisingly managed to keep her word to the other houseguests, but little did she know that Paul and his troops had been rallying to evict her pawn. 

Julie Chen Reveals a Twist

When the episode got underway, Jessica seemed to think that Josh was losing his place in the house. Josh kept up the act very well and even asked Jessica if they can put their beef aside for the week. 

Jessica agreed because she thought he was on the way out the door, but her suspicions arose when Kevin informed her that "the kid with the glasses" is going home. 

Jessica then rallied the houseguests, and they all seemed firmly on board with taking Josh out. Poor Mark and Elena were not brought into the plan to take Ramses out, so technically they were telling the truth. 

Jessica Graf

When it came to the eviction, Ramses gave a nice speech about loving his time in the house, while Josh started calling Jessica names. 

  • Cody votes to evict: Josh 
  • Jason votes to evict: Ramses
  • Alex votes to evict: Ramses
  • Mark votes to evict: Josh
  • Elena votes to evict: Josh
  • Kevin votes to evict: Ramses
  • Matthew votes to evict: Ramses
  • Raven votes to evict: Ramses
  • Christmas votes to evict: Ramses
  • Paul votes to evict: Ramses

Julie revealed the 7-3 vote to the house and Cody and Jessica seemed like they already knew that was how it was going to play out. 

Ramses Soto

After the eviction, we moved swiftly on to the next Head of Household competition. It was a memory wall challenge, so Christmas managed to compete. They had to identify changes to images of previously evicted houseguests. 

  • Round 1: Elena is eliminated. 
  • Round 2: Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, & Josh are eliminated. 
  • Round 3: Everyone stays. 
  • Round 4: Everyone stays. 
  • Round 5: Christmas and Jason are eliminated.
  • Round 6: Matthew and Raven are eliminated. 
  • Paul wins!

When we returned to the house, Julie asked Jessica how she felt about the blindside. As expected, she called out her fellow houseguests for lying and said she is thankful she has the Den of Temptation. 

Julie then revealed to the audience that as a result of Jessica accepting the temptation, there would be a temptation battle unleashed on the house. 

Paul Abrahamian

In the next three weeks, there will be a competition that houseguests can choose to participate in. If they come in first place, they are safe for the week. 

Conversely, if they come in last place, they will become the third nominee for the week. 

Okay, so that’s a wrap on the latest blindside. 

What do you think of all the drama?

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