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Bella Thorne claims that she and Scott Disick never banged, but even if she didn’t do any literal bouncing on him, she’s certainly been using him as a springboard to boost how much attention she’s been getting. And it’s worked.

And now Bella Thorne seems to be capitalizing on that to give her career a boost.

But she recently shared a super revealing photo on Instagram … only to delete it moments later. We have it, of course.

Bella Thorne Playboy Photo

This new photo is a bit more formal than, say, eating a burger while wearing a bikini or any of her other, more garden-variety thirst traps.

And by "formal" we don’t mean formal attire, though.

It looks like an outtake of some sort from a photoshoot.

She’s wearing a black belt, a black thong, black stockings, and black gloves.

She is, of course, entirely topless.

So, here it is, Bella Thorne’s super racy photo:

Bella Thorne's Topless Photoshoot
Photo via Instagram

First of all, she looks amazing.

She kind of always does, you know?

But she isn’t always topless (okay, she’s topless sometimes, but only sometimes), and she isn’t always showing off her butt.

(Again, this is technically not the first time for that, either)

But this is a more structured outfit for her, you know?

Less "wasted party girl" nudity and more "dominatrix assassin."

Holy crap, we never realized how much the world needs a movie where Bella Thorne plays a dominatrix assassin.

(Make that happen, Hollywood)

Bella Thorne In a Bikini, Yet Again
Photo via Snapchat

As for deleting it, who can say?

It looks like it’s probably an outtake or even a photo snapped by an assistant or friend, given the overall quality.

Maybe she wants to release it later when she expects more Instagram traffic.

(Random Tumblr users schedule their posts that way, so you know that fame-conscious actresses do)

Maybe she decided that she wants to wait until the photoshoot comes out — because there have to be more pics, right?

If that’s the case, maybe this was intended to be just a teaser.

And honestly that’s our best guess, because it sure as hell has us looking forward to whenever the actual photoshoot comes out.

However, she did delete it and write "turning off my comments," which makes it sound like she got some vile backlash.

Like, we can give her — or anyone — a bit of a hard time, but we’re not going to comment mean things on somebody’s page.

Especially not a 19-year-old who hasn’t done anything that’s genuinely bad.

And really, we’ve all seen that photo — what is there to hate about it, exactly?

It’s probably just trolls looking to make themselves feel powerful by hurting a celebrity’s feelings.


Bella Thorne Boobs Photo
Photo via Snapchat

You really have to congratulate the girl.

A lot of 19-year-olds in her shoes might just party all of the time for its own sake.

(And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course)

By the looks of things, Bella Thorne saw Scott Disick, a guy having a midlife crisis a decade early, and was like "oh hey, if we hang out, I’ll get some more attention and maybe a career boost!"

That’s called multitasking.

… Among other things.

If you have a reputation as a thot — which is nothing to be ashamed of in the first place — don’t hesitate to use it to make your life better.

There’s no way of telling if Scott is just stumbling around in a stupor or consciously playing along, at this point.

He did send her a card and flowers, though … so we’re thinking that he’s in on it at times.

Though maybe it took him a little while for him to catch onto Bella’s angle, what with how "gentleman" Scott Disick fixed Bella Thorne’s top by touching her boob.

A regular knight in shining armor, that guy.

Bella Thorne in White Seashell Bikini
Photo via Snapchat

We’re not saying that Bella is necessarily some sort of mastermind, evil or otherwise.

Obviously, Bella Thorne’s hotness has gotten her at least as far in her career as her possible scheming.

And she’s certainly made mistakes.

A while back she was briefly said to be dating accused serial rapist Sam Pepper.

We think that she probably didn’t know that about him until she saw backlash and then peaced out, but that’s really just a guess.

(Google is your friend, folks)

But she’s learning more over time.

And whether she took down the photo because of trolls or just to tease us, we hope that she feels open to sharing more, soon.