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Tarek El Moussa hasn’t always made the best choices in life.

But give the Flip or Flop co-host some credit:

He appears to be keenly aware of this fact.

Tarek El Moussa as a Dad

In a new video produced by E! News, Tarek showed the celebrity gossip outlet around his new home, the one he purchased after separating from estranged wife Christina.

The two have one of the more unique relationships in Hollywood at this point, as they are not together… yet they co-parent a pair of young kids… and they still anchor a popular series on HGTV together.

The ratings for Flip or Flop have actually increased by a significant margin since details of the El Moussa split went public, prompting the network to order additional episodes through the end of 2017.

Not that Tarek needs the money.

He’ll happily accept the ongoing paycheck, of course, but he told E! News this week that he apparently owns a yacht.

It’s just undergone a recent change, which is a reflection of where he’s at in life.

Tarek El Moussa with Children

“It used to be called ‘Flip or Flop,’” Tarek explains. “I recently changed it to ‘Bad Decisions’ because apparently I’ve made a couple.”

Don’t laugh. Accepting one’s problems and shortcomings is the first step in fixing said problems and shortcomings.

One thing that has seemed clear since Tarek and Christina announced their break-up is that the former has quite the temper.

He stormed out of the home this couple used to share in May of 2016 after a major argument with his then-wife… grabbing a gun and freaking Christina out to such an extent that she called the police.

There’s also been talk that Tarek frequently makes inappropriate comments about Christina, even going so far as to joke about raping her.

Despite this chatter, and despite their divorce filing, Tarek and Christina remain in communication.

They keep saying all the right things about each other in public as well.

Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa for HGTV

“She’ll call me and ask how’s my cancer remission, how are the doctors," Tarek told E!, adding:

"And I’ll call and ask the same about her, how she’s doing, how she’s feeling. We still deep down care about each other.”

Pretty refreshing to hear, isn’t it?

That two people can fight, can realize they aren’t right for each romantically, but can also put significant differences aside for the sake of their kids?

They share custody of a six-year old named Taylor’s and a one-year old named Brayden.

On Father’s Day, Tarek made it clear just how much he appreciates having them in his life.

"I see these huge smiles and glowing eyes and my heart melts," he wrote as a caption to the photo above, kindly elaborating:

"Now… more then ever…. I truly understand what it is to be a father. Love your kids, protect your kids, create memories with your kids and make sure they live the absolute best happiest life ever!!!!!just love love love love love them soooo much!!!

"Happy Father’s Day!!

"Tay and Bray I love you more than the galaxy as Taylor would say!"

All this AND Tarek is pulling some major A$$ on the reg?

He’s living his best life these days, that’s for sure.