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Vanderpump Rules might not be the only Real Housewives spin-off, but it’s easily one of the most popular and most talked about.

One of the show’s key sources of drama for the series is Stassi Schroeder, whose ridiculous exploits frustrate Lisa Vanderpump but entertain viewers to no end.

And now Stassi’s back together with Patrick Meagher — which she confirmed last month on Instagram. We’ve been so distracted by the feuding coming out of that show that we hardly noticed, but let’s take a quick look through Stassi’s wild history of antics, okay?

Stassi Schroeder and Patrick Meagher, Back Together!
Photo via Instagram

Stassi’s been a fixture on the show from the very first season, when she had an on-again, off-again relationship with Jax Taylor.

(Who, by the way, has the name of a sexy space pirate but whose personality is neither sexy nor cool)

During that whole on-again, off-again business with Jax, Stassi eventually revealed that she didn’t quite wait until they were through before she started things with Frank Herlihy.

Though, to her credit, she did reveal it herself rather than having it exposed.

Not so much to her credit … she revealed it on the "Secrets Revealed" episode, so we feel like it was more about show business.

Stassi Schroeder Red Carpet Photo
Photo via Getty

Frank Herlihy, it turned out, was a major creep.

Well, we can’t conclusively prove that it was Frank Herlihy who recorded and planned to sell Stassi Schroeder’s masturbation tape, but he’s the only one who fit the narrative.

You see, many, many people use Skype or FaceTime or similar programs to communicate with loved ones over great distances.

They make devices specifically designed for you to communicate with pets this way while you’re on vacation, which is so good and pure.

But obviously a lot of long-distance couples do sexy things on camera for each other. 

That’s pretty standard.

What’s less standard is one of them secretly recording the other and shopping the video around to prospective buyers.

This was the situation that Stassi was lamenting.

And while, to be clear, it sounds like Stassi was 100% the victim in that scenario, it was definitely part of the drama that follows her storyline.

It was Lisa Vanderpump herself who stepped in and saved the day by paying off the douche to not release the tape.

His price? 


He was willing to throw her under the bus for what might be a month’s rent for somebody.

Stassi Schroeder Shrugs
Photo via Bravo

The last time that Stassi dated Patrick Meagher, it ended.

And right afterwards, she posed for a nude photoshoot.

To be clear, a nude photoshoot — unless it takes place in somebody’s nightmare basement — is always going to be more tasteful than a private video that so prominently features her genitals.

(As her sex tape was reported to)

So, questions of taste aside, it’s not like she was upset about the video and decided to replicate it for the world anyway.

Stassi Schroeder Picture

Still … given her recent history, some "fans" on Twitter did not react well.

In fact, the backlash that she received prompted her to tweet out that she was suicidal.

That’s tragic and all too common, even among TV personalities.

Though some accused her of tweeting that just in the hopes of silencing criticism.

Of course, she’d watched her parents divorce — which can have a profound impact on people as they grow up.

Stassi Picture

Stassi’d also watched her parents remarry and divorce again — she said that it was almost like watching it on television.

That speaks to an unhealthy level of detachment.

It also might explain some of the issues that she’s had, in relationships and otherwise.

It’s easy for children of divorce to be disenchanted with love and relationships.

So hopefully … maybe ,,, this time around with Patrick Meagher will go a little better.

Anyone can have personal growth that leads them to fulfilment and happiness.

Even reality stars.

Even if it these two aren’t meant to last, their antics should make for some entertaining television.

It’s a win-win.