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Farrah Abraham’s troll slash boyfriend Simon Saran is at it again, taking the Teen Mom OG star’s mom to task in a series of brutal tweets.

As usual, he does not mince words.

Simon Saran with Farrah Abraham
Photo via Instagram

Simon’s latest salvo was fired at Debra Danielsen’s fiance, Dr. David Merz, for basically ignoring everyone else so he could watch golf.

Twitter users were loving Simon’s take on the Teen Mom OG scene in question, but Debra came to the defense of her beau by noting:

“It was the Masters and the final few holes," Danielsen said, referring to the sport’s marquee tournament in April. "Nothing else.”

The conclusion of the 2017 Masters was pretty all-time, in David’s slight defense, but clearly Simon’s words hit a little close to home.

“Simon isn’t even in the know. Haha! Just says sh!t to make money. He hurts people with his lies and thinks it is ok!” Deb added.

Things only escalated from there.

Debra Danielsen and Boyfriend Picture
Photo via Instagram

When fans accused her of talking s–t, Debra defended herself, clarifying, “I speak truth! No hate. Just want things to be happy and healthy.”

Perhaps she needs to look up what “happy and healthy” mean, because Debbo’s comments caught the attention of Saran yet again.

“You beg Farrah for screentime,” Simon responded in an alarming allegation. “Heard you and an attorney are talking to take Sophia away."

Say what now!?

We had no knowledge of any such plot by Danielsen to fight for custody of Farrah’s daughter, but it’s perhaps Simon was just trolling.

Whether it’s true or not, his comment about Deb and Soph caught the attention of none other than … Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans!

Jenelle Evans Waist Trains
Photo via Instagram

Jenelle tagged Simon and tweeted, referencing Farrah’s mom and her own, “shiiiiit is Debra and Barbara talking now?! they are twins man.”

In any case, Simon wasn’t done.

Not even close. Upping the ante, he proved he’s not messing around by dropping a megaton bombshell on his mother-in-law-to-be:

“Here’s a truth for you Debrah slept with two different guys in 2 days her basement in Nebraska while she was suppose to be watching Sophia.”

Uhh. Really? It’s scary to think that this could be true, and that Sophia (presumably) found out about it, but Simon went on to add:

“Debra hasn’t worked in years. Leaches off of Farrah and Sophia. She doesn’t care about them like [Michael Abraham] does!”

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: 2016 MTV Movie Awards
Photo via Frazer Harrison

Turning his attention back to Deb’s fiance, he continued, “David has another motive. Just like I called out Matt, this guy is on that level."

"He’s hiding something big!”

Matt, of course, is Matt Baier – another frequent target for Simon’s tirades and one who is hiding “something big” every week it seems.

He did not elaborate on what exactly Dr. Dave is allegedly hiding, but Simon took one final parting shot … at his own employer.

"Farrah is so much happier when she’s not brainwashed by @bhurvitz #mtv" Sarah wrote, not pulling any punches as always.

He shared that with the image of himself and Farrah above. Guy literally never misses an opportunity to throw shade and stir the pot.