Kenya Moore: Meet My Husband! He's Awesome!

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How is this for irony?

Now that Kenya Moore is finally a wife, thereby making it more logical than ever that she appear on The Real HouseWIVES of Atlanta, the reality star may be fired.

Kenya Moore Wedding Photo

Earlier this month, we confirmed that Moore had gone off and gotten married, tying the knot with a mystery man in St. Lucia.

We weren't privy to many details surrounding the blessed event... and neither was Bravo. And therein lay the problem.

Various sources have alleged in the days since that Moore may be fired from the show that made her famous because she kept important private details of her private life actually private.

This isn't how Real Housewives are supposed to roll, not when Bravo could have filmed Kenya's wedding for maximum ratings and exposure.

For now, however, Moore remains a key part of the Atlanta cast.

And she's finally opened up about the man who has made her romantic dreams into a reality.

Kenya Moore Wedding Picture

Let's start with this:

He's 47 years old. He's a businessman. And his name is Marc Daly.

“I’m strong but of course, I get lonely,” Moore tells People Magazine, adding:

“I’ve longed to have someone who steals my heart and who I can trust to be my best friend. I’ve heard the love stories. And after a certain amount of time you believe it will never happen for you.

"You lose hope.”

Thankfully, Moore met Daly through a mutual friend, chef Roblé Ali, about a year ago, although the two didn’t start dating until December.

"I’ve never experienced a first date like this before,” Moore explains to People.

“You know when you meet people, and you like them or have good chemistry with them but you don’t feel like the world has changed? I felt like the earth moved after our first date."


We're shocked they didn't get engaged on the spot, based on that glowing review.

Kenya Moore in White

What can Moore tell us about Daly, with whom Matt Jordan thinks Kenya cheated?

He’s “extremely romantic,” she says,” and he brings a lot of “calm, security and protection” to her life.

Does Moore will be back for Season 10? She sure thinks so and hopes so.

Will Daly be featured on the series? She isn't certain.

"I think we have to make that decision together if the opportunity comes,” Moore says, continuing:

“We just got married - we haven’t even talked about that stuff before. I’m sure we will make the right decision.

"But right now, I’m enjoying being a bride and a newlywed...

"He doesn’t want my money, he doesn’t want my fame, he doesn’t want my success - he just wants my heart, and he has it."

How romantic!

We wish these two the very best!

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