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It was just over two years ago that the world learned Josh Duggar molested five young girls and was assisted by his parents in hiding the crime from authorities.

Shortly thereafter, as the Duggars were still in damage control mode, it emerged that Josh had used the website Ashley Madison website to find willing cheating partners.

Anna, Josh Duggar

The site specializes in facilitating affairs between married people, and hackers revealed that Josh had used two paid accounts to try and cheat on his wife.

(It’s believed his attempts at infidelity were unsuccessful.)

On one of those accounts, Josh attempted to "catfish" potential fellow cheaters by misrepresenting himself with a fake profile picture.

The photo belonged to a Los Angeles-based DJ named Matthew McCarthy.

Now, McCarthy is suing Duggar, claiming that his unwitting involvement in the cheating scandal negatively affected his business.

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As widely hated as Josh is these days, the suit is still something of a long shot.

It seems extremely unlikely that a judge will find in McCarthy’s favor, and it looks as though his attorneys have adopted the strategy of turning the situation into enough of an ugly, high-profile legal battle that Josh will settle out of court in order to make it go away.

As a result, their casting a wide net and hoping to involve as many well-known names in the suit as possible.

Radar Online is reporting today that the founders of Ashley Madison have been subpoenaed by McCarthy’s lawyers and may be forced to testify if the case goes to trial.

It could be that McCarthy’s legal team believes the CEOs are in possession of information that could prove valuable to their case.

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Or, it could be part of an effort to put Josh’s sexual misconduct back in the tabloid headlines, however briefly.

Back in 2015, Josh was sued by Danica Dillon, a former sex worker who claims she was injured and traumatized during a paid sexual encounter with Duggar.

The case was eventually thrown out due to a lack of evidence, and Josh is no doubt hoping for a similar outcome this time around.

So McCarthy may be out of luck, as the Duggars might see the Dillon case as setting a precedent.

Either way, Josh will likely continue to face legal challenges from those hoping to cash in from his downfall.