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Once upon a time, Drake Bell and Josh Peck were the best of friends. That was back when they appeared on Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh. 

Nowadays, however, they are not so friendly, and the fans are not impressed.

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Josh Peck married his girlfriend Paige O’Brien over the weekend in a beautiful ceremony in Malibu. While his Grandfather co-stars, John Stamos and Nicole Golfieri were in attendance, Drake Bell was iced out of the event. 

That did not stop Drake from hitting up Twitter to comment on the matter. 

“When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear,” Bell wrote.

“True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I’ll miss you brotha.”

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“Loyalty is key,” Bell also reportedly tweeted. “ALWAYS remember where you came from.” It must have sucked being left out of the joyous day, but it’s not like the two men have maintained much in the way of a friendship since their series concluded. 

Drake has been in the media for all of the wrong reasons over the years. He’s been arrested for DUI, mocked Caitlyn Jenner and even signed petitions to have Justin Bieber deported back to Canada

He’s been controversial, to say the least. If he acts the way he does on social media, then why would anyone want them at their wedding? 

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Josh probably did not want any drama at the event, and considering the breakdown in communication between the pair, why would he invite someone he does not speak to?

It boggles the mind as to why Drake felt the need to chime, and the fact he swiftly deleted the messages made it seem like he had a think about it all.

Thanks to the power of the internet, the news spread like wildfire. 

Will they reunite in the future? We have no idea. 

What do you think about all of this?

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