Britney Spears: Trying to Have Sam Asghari's Baby!

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Britney Spears isn't just a musical superstar and one of the greatest performers in the world -- she's also a first-rate mom to her two sons.

Well now a report's coming in that she wants to add a third child to the family.

We couldn't be more excited.

Britney Spears & Sam Ashgari New Year's Eve Pic

According to OK! magazine, Britney is trying to get pregnant by unnecessarily handsome boyfriend Sam Asghari.

"Things are moving rapidly between them and nobody, including her family, could be happier," a source tells them.

"She wants a baby and dreams of giving her boys a baby sister. Sam’s totally on board with the idea and they’ve been trying for the past couple months."

And she's apparently willing to do whatever it takes.

"Britney has always gotten pregnant fairly easily, but she’s more than willing to go through IVF if that’s what it takes."

The two of them have already formed a close bond in a relatively short time -- and it already seems like they might be eager to marry -- so this isn't too surprising.

But it is next-level exciting.

Britney Spears Is Supreme

And, honestly, just look as Sam Asghari.

You don't need to want to have kids to want to have his baby, you know?

The two met when she was making Slumber Party and natural attraction turned into ... gosh, what's that thing from Disney movies? Loft? Love! Yes, love.

Honestly, he could have just been a boytoy for her, because she deserves the world.

But Britney's always been a romantic, and this is her living her best life.

Sam Ashgari Shirtless Photo

But the pair's general hotness and the guaranteed unspeakable cuteness of any potential child aside, this is a great idea.

And not just for happiness reasons, either.

Britney's a fantastic mom.

In a world full of terrible parents, Britney's an attentive mother who puts her sons, 11-year-old Sean and 10-year-old Jayden James, first.

She threw a Pokemon birthday party in 2016, because she actually cares about what they like.

She's also posted references to Dragon Ball Z when talking about her kids, which shows that she really takes an interest.

At their ages, we guess that soon she'll be politely following along as they get into, like, Naruto. That's next, right?

That's because she's a good mom in addition to being, like, the ultimate MILF.

Sam Asghari & Britney Spears Getting Close

Since the boys are apparently eager to be older brothers -- which is super adorable.

Being an older sibling is usually a lot of responsibility, but Britney and Sam aren't exactly working 9-to-5 or, like, doing their own yard work.

Though if they sold a calendar of the two of them modeling while pretending to do yard work, it would sell out pretty much immediately. Just a thought.

So we don't imagine that Sean and Jayden would need to do a lot of, like, babysitting.

They probably don't have to do an inordinate amount of chores aside from, like, cleaning their rooms and looking after their own personal possessions, either.

Britney Spears VMAs 2016 Red Carpet

Basically what we're saying is that we should all be so lucky as to be Britney's children.

Her adding a third child to the mix can only make the world a better place.

We could be cynical and say that the couple just got together late last year, and that Britney's no stranger to whirlwind romances.

But we won't -- she's a full-on adult now and a mom and we can't see her making a decision lightly.

No matter how unbearably good-looking her boyfriend and potential baby-daddy might be.

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