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It wasn’t all that long ago that it looked like Britney Spears had gotten caught up in a downward spiral from which would never recover.

Fortunately Brit turned things around, and now those dark times serve to make her recent successes even sweeter.

With her wildly lucrative Vegas residency, Spears is killing it career-wise, but more importantly, her once unstable personal life seems to be a source of comfort and contentment these days.

Britney Spears & Sam Ashgari New Year's Eve Pic

Spears is dating Sam Asghari, and sources close to the singer say she’s never been happier.

Brit and Sam have reportedly been moving at breakneck speed from the start of their relationship, so it’s not much a surprise that they’re already preparing to take the next step.

Or perhaps we should say Britney’s preparing to take the next step.

According to Radar Online Spears is planning to propose to Asghari before the end of her Vegas residency in November of 2017.

The role-reversal is a bit unusual, but it seems that Brit is taking a practical view on the matter:

Sam Ashgari Shirtless Photo

“Since Sam would be spending her money, Britney is buying her own engagement ring,” one source tells Radar..

“The wedding will be butterfly-themed, and monarchs will be released when they exchange vows.”

Insiders close to the couple say the proposal will not come as a surprise to Asghari, as he and Spears have already discussed the matter in detail.

In fact, they’ve already begun preparing for one very important part of the wedding:

“They’re choreographing their first dance, which will play out the story of how they met,” says the source.

Britney Spears Abs Selfie

We suppose when you’re Britney Spears, the pressure to deliver a memorable first dance is pretty severe.

Britney and Sam’s road to the altar is so well mapped-out that Brit’s sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is reportedly already planning on hosting the bachelorette party in her backyard.

Sounds like all that’s left is for Britney to man up and pop the question.

Unless those pesky rumors about Asghari cheating on Britney pop up again, it sounds like she’ll be getting down on one knee sooner, rather than later.

Come to think of it, we doubt even that would stop her.

This is a girl who grew up in the tabloids, and she’s already weathered some PR nightmares that would’ve crushed a less iconic star.

Britney Spears Abs Selfie