Blac Chyna to Rob Kardashian: I Took My Kids to Legoland ... Without You!

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Over the weekend, Blac Chyna treated her son, King, and her daughter, Dream, to a Legoland visit.

There was just one thing missing from her weekend of fun with her kids: Rob Kardashian.

People are worried that, if he's not joining in on a simple family outing, the sometimes-couple might be broken up for good.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Promo Pic

After Mehgan James shut down rumors that she's dating Rob Kardashian, hopes are high that Rob and Blac Chyna will get back together.

A lot of fans just became attached to the idea of them as a couple, and the romantic idea that Blac Chyna rescued him from his isolation.

Mostly, people just hope that the two can provide a stable home for Dream.

At the very least, it's better than Rob banging lookalikes of his sisters.

But Blac Chyna's pics from a Legoland trip with her kids have people worried that she and her sometimes-fiance are never getting back together..

Blac Chyna with Dream and King at Legoland

Look at how adorable and happy these three look together!

King Cairo is, of course, Chyna's son by Tyga. King is going to turn 5 this October!

And Dream is, well, a baby, and has baby levels of unspeakable cuteness.

It's just that, well, Rob isn't there.

It's not like with Tyga, where they've been apart for years.

Chyna and Rob have been apart for a couple of months, with a lot of mixed signals during that time.

And they'd said that they were committed to co-parenting.

So you'd think that Rob would be there for Legoland, too.

It would be a great place for them to work through their issues in public while focusing on the kids.

But at the very least, like, Kourtney and Scott have shared vacations all of the time, so if these two were trying at all you'd think that Chyna would have invited Rob.

Blac Chyna and Dream Kardashian, Smiling

But you know what? This might not really mean that the couple's on the outs.

At least, not on the outs any more than usual.

Rob Kardashian is notoriously shy.

There's more to that than introversion (not all introverts are shy, anyway).

He's been working through some issues, including his father's death, for years.

He was a no-show on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for the longest time.

It was his relationship with Blac Chyna that finally shook him out of his funk.

Being out and about and visible at Legoland might have been a little too much for Rob.

Though both can be difficult, there's a difference between being on camera and being in a crowd, and we need to respect that.

And maybe, just maybe, Blac Chyna was just respecting that and taking the kids to Legoland on her own.

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Throwback Photo

There's no telling what's in store for these two or this family.

In a decade, they could both be laughing about how they had so much trouble at first ... or they could be almost strangers who only see each other because of Dream.

The only thing that we know for sure is that Rob and Chyna definitely don't know where they're headed any more than the rest of us.

That ... and that Blac Chyna makes super cute babies.

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