The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 6 Recap: Wishful Invitation

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Is Ramona Singer going off the rails?

That thought crossed Dorinda Medley's mind on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 6 when it became apparent there was something going on with the veteran housewife. 

When the episode got underway, Bethenny met up with Sonja for some light lunch, and the ladies immediately started chatting about Dorinda and why she was mad at Bethenny for not showing up to Ramona's party. 

Bethenny was quick to comment that she was just so over Ramona and her foul mouth, to the point she did not even want to be in the same room as her. 

Sonja then started chatting about how many of the cast members have dated her former boyfriends, and boy, Bethenny had the best zinger of the entire series: “You’re like a curator of c–t.”

Bethenny Frankel Dazzles at Gala

While this was going down, Dorinda rallied her family, and they went to visit her late husband, Richard Medley's grave. Hannah opened up with a speech, which basically said even though Richard was not her biological father, he was a great man. 

Elsewhere, LuAnn de Lesseps continued to prepare for her nuptials to love rat, Tom D'Agostino. She showed off her gown to the girls, who did not seem overly excited by the number. 

Dorinda was there, but she was the only one who had not quizzed LuAnn about what was going on with Tom, so there's that. Now, that's not to say she has kept her mouth shut when LuAnn is out of earshot. 

Also, Bethenny went to find out what the heck was going on with Carole. It turned out that she wanted Adam out of the house, but claimed they were still all fine and dandy. 

Bethenny claimed that it was a major red flag for the couple, one that would likely signal the end of their relationship. While Carole's relationship was on thin ice, Bethenny opened up about her drama with Jason Hoppy. 

He was sending horrible emails, and even made her want to get rid of her apartment for somewhere nicer. 

While Dorinda was implying she was the keeper of the peace, she seemed to be trying to cause $hit between Bethenny and Ramona. She decided it was a good idea to confront both LuAnn and Bethenny. 

Ramona quickly turned on LuAnn, wanting to know why she was not invited to her wedding because she already had her location booked. She felt like she was unfairly treated.

“Now you’re doubly not invited,” Bethenny shouted at Ramona, while LuAnn looked ready to duck for cover. Ramona then claimed she was happy for LuAnn. 

Yeah, right. 

Ramona Singer in Black

When LuAnn made her getaway, Bethenny tried to do the same, but she was cornered by Ramona. Yikes.

“With your girlfriends, we all have situations that are good, but sometimes when it’s a bad time in their lives, do you like to be there for them?”

Bethenny was not impressed and tried to run off, but Ramona wanted Bethenny to know she was pissed at her.

“You can’t even have a conversation,” Ramona squealed. “I’m very disappointed in you in so many ways. I was there for you every day when you were sick.”

When Bethenny fired back that she was there for Ramona during her divorce, it sent Ramona into overdrive, but Bethenny escaped. 

Ramona Singer GIF: More Judgy Eyes in the Shoe Store

The episode ended with her trying to get close with Carole, who wanted to run off. 

Is Ramona on thin ice with the ladies?

We have no idea. 

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