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If you’ve ever seen those toenail fungus commercials with the nauseating green troll-people who live inside infected feet, then you have a pretty good idea of what Martin Shkreli is all about.

If you’re not familiar with his unique brand of douche-baggery, Shkreli is the lovable skamp who became famous through his high-larious efforts to deny life-saving medication to HIV patients.

Instead of slinking back beneath the bridge from whence he slithered after flamed by all of Twitter, Shkreli fed off the attention and launched a career as a professional social media sh-thead.

Martin Shkreli is a Douche

Demonstrating the sort of delusional egomania that’s usually reserved for presidents who think no one will care that they’re in league with Russia, Shkreli decided to focus on antagonizing famous rappers, because that’s never ended badly for anyone.

First, Shkreli picked a fight with Ghostface Killah.

Emboldened by somehow surviving that beef, Shkreli set his sights on other rappers and developed the habit of illegally obtaining their unreleased music and streaming it on social media.

This wasn’t done for the benefit of fans, mind you, as Shkreli usually talks over entire songs like some sort of prep school DJ Khaled.

No, this was just another case of Shkreli using his money and tech know-how to be as much of an oozing scrotal lump as he can possible be.

Martin Shkreli Pic

Last week, Shkreli released music by Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne.

The rappers originally chose to ignore this latest act of dickishness, which is somewhat surprising considering it’s not the first time that Shkreli has stolen and released tracks from Wayne’s long-awaited Tha Carter V.

Now, it seems Wayne is firing back, but he’s chosen to keep the matter off of social media so as to not give Shkreli anymore undeserved attention.

Apparently the first time Shkreli streamed Wayne’s music without permission, he promised the rapper’s lawyers that it would never happen again.

But because Shkreli is such an irredeemable pest that when you call him a weasel, actual weasels are all like, “Bruh!” he went and did it again.

This time, Wayne’s attorneys and lawyers for Universal Music Group both sent Shkreli cease and desist letters.

We’d say we’re hoping this thing goes to court, but we’re really we’re hoping Shkreli goes to jail before that can happen.