Ben Higgins Claps Back at Haters, Explains How "Life Happens"

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Ben Higgins is not a perfect person.

You may have previously thought the ex-Bachelor star was infallible, but Higgins is here to tell you otherwise.

Ben Higgins Shopping Spree

Back in mid-May, Higgins and Lauren Bushnell finally broke up.

The split was a very long time in the making, considering Higgins called off the couple's engagement last fall (on an episode of their Freeform reality show, natch) - and considering there had been rumors that Higgins was still in touch with JoJo Fletcher.

The latter allegation was never proven correct, but chatter about the twosome's demise was clearly on the right track.

"It is with heavy hearts that we announce our decision to go our separate ways," Ben and Lauren said in a joint statement on May 15, adding:

"We feel fortunate for all the time that we had together, and we will remain friends with much love and respect for one another.

"We wish nothing but the best for each other, and ask for your support and understanding at this time."

Your basic, run of the mill celebrity break-up statement for the most part.

Lauren and Ben on Easter

A few days after this split went viral, Higgins opened up about his failed relationship on a podcast.

"Lauren will always be one of my best friends," the former Bachelor said, adding on air:

"It’s tough. It’s hard to say goodbye to somebody that you spent so much time with and it’s hard to say goodbye to somebody that you really did believe was the one for you."

But did Ben really believe this?

Or did he string Bushnell along, after asking her to give up her career and move to Denver for him, no less?

We may never know for certain, but Higgins has been under a great deal of fire on social media for his treatment of Lauren.

And he's finally had it.

Ben Higgins at the Gym

Taking to Instagram last night, Higgins went off on a nice little rant, slamming his critics and trying to explain that he never meant Bushnell any harm

"I cannot focus on the negative comments or indecently hateful words being said about me or my relationship even though they do sting,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself and his podcast co-host Ashley Iaconetti.

But Ben was far from finished.

"I will once again clearly tell you I AM NOT PERFECT as none of us are and I have never claimed to be," he wrote, going on as follows:

"The last few months have not gone the way I would have preferred. My relationships have changed drastically and what I envisioned my life was going to be has been redirected.

"It is sad, but it is nothing you should feel sorry for me about, life happens both the good and bad."

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins on Vacation

Ben apparently has been receiving some flak for starting a podcast, perhaps because folks this he only went on The Bachelor to further his professional agenda.

"I do desire to show love in all situations (do I always do that? No, I fail often)," Higgins wrote in this same post, addressing this negative talk and adding:

"To be clear, not that this should be a surprise, but this podcast is a professional decision I have made to enhance my life and career."

Higgins concluded his lengthy post by offering some life advice to his followers.

What makes him qualified to dole it out? Who knows.

But he still wrote:

Love as hard as you can (even to strangers).

Ask yourself what life is about and pursue your conclusion with passion.

When a good opportunity comes your way that fits your desires take it, because life is short but a lot more fun when you are doing something you enjoy.

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