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Mariah Carey … well, the woman has had an interesting love life these past several months, we’ll say that much.

For most of last year, she was engaged to fancy billionaire James Packer, but that ended for reasons that we’re still not super clear on.

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Some reports claimed that James came to realize that he was too private to Mariah a celebrity on Mariah’s level. Others mentioned some sketchy incident that happened between James and Mariah’s assistant.

There were rumors that Mariah cheated on James with her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, and while her people have firmly denied this, she did begin dating him very quickly after breaking things off with James.

Oh, and let’s not forget that even if things had worked out between Mariah and James, there’s still a chance that they wouldn’t have been able to get married.

Remember that whole thing about Nick Cannon and his refusal to sign the divorce papers?

But despite all that drama, Mariah is single now after breaking up with Bryan Tanaka earlier this month.

And even though Nick welcomed a baby with a woman in February, he’s single, too.

You know where this is going, right?

Mariah and Nick have always been amazing at co-parenting their twins, but lately they’ve seemed especially close.

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They’ve been so friendly that it allegedly brought about the end of Mariah’s relationship with Bryan — reports claim that he was jealous of Nick, and that he’d began demanding that she spend less time with him.

Their closeness has always sparked rumors of reconciliation, but a particular photo that Mariah shared on Friday has got people talking.

Which is fair: the photo shows the two of them cuddled up in bed with their children, with Nick so comfortable he fell asleep.

It’s nice to see them getting along so well for the sake of their children, but, you know, most people wouldn’t want to cozy up with their exes this hard.

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Unless, of course, they’re no longer interested in being exes.

While the comments on Mariah’s photo were filled with well wishes for the family and hopes that Mariah and Nick are on the verge of a reunion, a source tells Gossip Cop that there actually is a chance they could work things out.

The source explains that they’re “reconnecting” now that they’re both single, and another said that when it comes to the possibility of the two of them getting back together, “you never know,” but there is “hope.”

Whatever happens, best wishes, you crazy kids!