Kris Jenner to Kylie Jenner: You Should Date Drake!

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We know we've said this before, but it looks like Kylie Jenner and Tyga are really over this time.

The former couple breaks up and gets back together like it's their job (and considering their careers are based on keeping the public interested in their private lives, we guess it sort of is), but this time, those closest to Kyga insist that they're done for good.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner at Fashion Week

Alleged reasons for the breakup range from Tyga cheating with Demi Rose Mawby to Kylie pressuring him to put a ring on it.

We may never know for sure what prompted them to call it quits, but whatever the reason, Kylie is back on the market.

It's the first time that she's been single in her adult life (if she can actually be considered an adult), and not surprisingly, her perpetually-thirsty momager, Kris Jenner, is encouraging Kylie to seize the opportunity to raise her public profile by hooking up with a famous dude.

Of course, in order for the strategy to succeed, the guy would have to be more famous than Kylie, which is no easy feat.

Fortunately, Kris already has a candidate in mind.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga in Costa Rica

“She wants to see her happy and get out there and start dating,” a family insider tells Hollywood Life.

“Kris thinks Kylie should give Drake a chance, she wants them to date.” 

Sadly, Krake may never come to pass, as Kylie just isn't into the idea of getting together with a replacement rapper just yet.

“Kylie and Drake are friends, she’s cool with him but she’s still very wrapped up in Tyga,”

Yes, Kylie is unwilling to give up on Kyga.

Kyga on Vacation

But seeing that relationship as the PR dead end that it is, Kris is reportedly doing her damnedest to convince Kylie to kick T-Raww to the curb:

“Kris wants to see Kylie move on from Tyga, she thinks the drama and the constant back and forth is a waste of time,” says the source.

Apparently, the relationship has been a source of discord within the Kard clan, as Kim and Kris believe Kylie should move on, while her other sisters are encouraging her to get back together with Tyga.

“While Kim and Kris are in Kylie’s ear telling her to dump him, Khloe and Kourtney are telling her to make it work,” the tipster claims.

A Kiss for Tyga

So maybe those reports that Kylie and Tyga are totes dunzo forever were a bit premature.

But that doesn't mean there's no hope for a Kylie-Drake fling:

“It’s hard for her to imagine falling for anyone else,” the insider says.

“She’s not opposed to going out on a date with [Drake] though, even if it’s just to screw with Tyga’s head.”

Ah, revenge. The best motivation for any rebound relationship.

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