Sam Ashgari: Getting Serious With Britney Spears?

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It looks like Britney Spears just might have a brand-new Sam in her life ... 

But let's just hope that it has nothing to do with a pink wig, because you remember creepy old Sam Lutfi, right? 

Sam Asghari & Britney Spears Getting Close

Sam Ashgari, who was a dancer in Britney and Tinashe's hot Slumber Party video, was caught out several times with the pop star and sources are now telling People that the two are in the "getting-to-know-you" stage of their relationship. 

We'd go ahead and say that it looks like the two got to know each other pretty well during the filming of the video, wouldn't you say? 

The source revealed that the two, who met on the set of Brit's steamy video, have only gone out on three dates so far, but one of their recent ones was to a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles, where they may or may not have had oysters. 

Which, of course, have that aphrodisiac quality to them. 

Kind of like Slumber Party

Previously, it was revealed that Britney wanted to date Tom Hiddleston, of all people, and reportedly got in touch with his people to set something up.

"He's definitely open to it," a source revealed at the time, and if he was on board with Taylor Swift, he'd be crazy not to be interested in Britney. 

"She was his childhood crush, so never say never."

Never say never indeed -- unless it's to Taylor Swift. 

And you like being the subject matter of a teenage girl's emo whining set to guitar twangs. 

"Britney thinks she's got a chance, and after being with Taylor, maybe Tom wants someone a little older," the mole reasoned. 

Though we'll never know if Brom actually happened behind closed doors, what's going on right now is way more interesting than the snooze-fest that was Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's candle in the wind relationship. 

Sam Ashgari

The above photo features Ashgari as one lucky man in Brit's Slumber Party video. 

As for Britney, her last serious relationship with Charlie Ebersol ended pretty abruptly, if you recall that.

And her even longer-term relationship with Jason Trawick seemed like a sham to begin with. 

As far as we're concerned, it's high time that Britney find someone that she can rely on through good times and bad ...

... So long as their main accessory isn't a fedora (here's looking at you, Kevin Federline) and they're not legally obligated to help Britney's dad as a joint conservator.  

Britney deserves so much more than she's been handed in the past, and if this new dude is what's going to make her happy, then we're going to be right there, happy the whole time, alongside her. 

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